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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Doomsday Bat | News 06-10-21


Michael Keaton's Batsuit splattered with blood

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 WB’s New name and tagline--Robert Pattinson gets a new first look deal with WB! Shazam gets a new costume! Michael Keaton gets a new splatter of blood on an old costume, Sasha Calle gets a new haircut, Peacemaker gets a new Vigilante, Sandman announces a WHOLE mess of new people, and Batwoman’s Luke Fox gets a new suit…

Sunday, June 6, 2021

The Jesus Gym | Warm Up (#634) | Patreon Exclusive


Jesus getting ripped at the gym

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In this exclusive patreon episode:

*The dangers of painting your room

*The comforts afforded by Command Strips

*The church that ate Montgomery

*Rapping about big dicks and money

*the Jesus Gym

*Jason was expelled from Pre-school

*Drawing in church

*Making adults laugh begrudgingly

*Getting killed for $43

*Ollie's wall of graphic novels

*The employee isn't concerned with your shelves

*How to steal old displays from Wal-Mart

Thursday, May 27, 2021

DC Movies That Never Happened Trilogy | Remastered Repost


Travel with us to exciting alternate  universes where Bill Murray was Batman, Joel Schumacher won back the  trust of Batman fans with the help of Clint Eastwood, the Justice League were Mortal, Nicholas Cage was a mild mannered reporter with a big secret, or even crazier: a reality where Catwoman faced off against an entire city of Nathan Fillions and Adam West returned as Super Texas Ranch-Owner Batman along with his trusty sidekick Guitar-Playing Orderly Robin? 

Originally posted as episodes 9, 12, and 27, we have cut the dated news segments and remastered these episodes as one ultimate edition!

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Chasing Squirrels #3 - A Looney Tunes Deviation


Daffy Duck in hell with the Little man From the Draft board

Dave and Jason discuss some of their favorite Looney Tunes cartoons from episode #631.

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Friday, May 21, 2021

The Merger and The Gimp Mask | News 05-20-21


Riddler in Gimp Mask from 'The Batman' | Text: DC on SCREEN #636 The Merger and the Gimp Mask

The secret merger that left the DC world stunned! Plus Warner upfronts bring news of animated series, a very hotly anticipated movie adaptation, updates on the Batgirl movie and MORE! Plus: Why are people freaking out about the Riddler? We’re talking about ALL these things plus your feedback!

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