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Friday, December 24, 2021

Keaton in Batgirl! | News 12-24-21


Michael Keaton's Batman

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On THIS episode of DC on SCREEN, we’re talking about the massive news that dropped today concerning the once and future Batman, Michael Keaton and what his presence means for the multiverse—we’re also talking about Kurt Cobain inspired Robert Pattinson’s Batman, the new surprising new cast announcement for The Flash, The adult-focused Legion of Superheroes animated series coming to HBO Max, and so much more...

Batgirl: Michael Keaton Added to Cast |
Michael Keaton Explains Why He Wanted to Return as Batman |
J.K. Simmons Reveals If Batgirl Is Set in the Same Universe as Zack Snyder's Justice League |
The Batman Director Calls Reboot "The Scariest Batman That's Been Done” |
The Batman: WB Reportedly Testing Two Cuts of Movie With Mysterious Character's Appearance on the Line |
Riddler Unmasks the Truth About Bruce Wayne in New The Batman Trailer |
The Batman Trailer Hints at Connection Between Bruce Wayne and Riddler |
The Batman Director Matt Reeves Says Robert Pattinson's Version is Inspired by Kurt Cobain |
The Batman Star Robert Pattinson Comments on His Future with the Franchise |
Viral Riddler site for ‘The Batman’ 
The Batman: Barry Keoghan Added to Film's Cast in Official Preview | The Flash: Michael Shannon Seemingly Confirmed to Return | 
Shazam 2 Will Reportedly Feature Another Major DCEU Hero |
New Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Plot Synopsis Revealed | 
Blue Beetle DC Movie to Premiere in Theaters Instead of HBO Max |
Keanu Reeves Wants A Constantine Sequel | 
Gotham Knights Series in Development at The CW | 
James Gunn Confirms Peacemaker Episode Count And How Many Episodes Are Available At Launch | 
Agents of SHIELD Star Elizabeth Henstridge Directing Season 2 Episode of Superman & Lois | 
The Flash Casts Mika Abdalla as Tinya Wazzo for Season 8 |
The Flash: When Does Season 8 Return With New Episodes? |
Legends of Tomorrow Returns Jan 12th | 
DC's Stargirl Season 2 Is Now Streaming on HBO Max | 
Naomi Season 1 Photos Reveal Big DC Universe Tie | 
DC's Naomi Releases New Trailer | 
DC Comics Developing Legion of Super-Heroes TV Show for HBO Max |
Russo Brothers Marvel vs. DC Comics Roku Documentary Slugfest Sets Release Date |
Coming To HBO Max in January | 
Wonder Woman Video Game Announced |

Friday, December 10, 2021

Zack Snyder's Final Crisis!? | News 11/01-12/09/21


Zack Snyder's Turkey with Final Crisis and storyboard notebooks in the background

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On this episode of DC ON SCREEN, we’re talking all about Zack Snyder’s Thanksgiving Turkey Crisis, Dwayne Johnson’s Marvel vs DC proclamation, Henry Cavill reiterates that the cape is STILL in his closet, and Colin Ferell’s Penguin prequel is a GO at HBO max—all that and so much more!

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