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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Actors Who Should Play The Joker

A  laughing mouth that may be perfect for spouting lines for The Joker!

Get:  Actors Who Should Play The Joker

Joaquin Phoenix appears to be bringing something totally new to the role of The Joker, but who might we want to see bring their finely-honed acting chops to the Clown Prince of Crime?

DC on SCREEN #504 - With Joaquin Phoenix kicking butt and taking names as the new Harlequin of Hate, we decided to have a little fun fan casting... Who should play the Joker?  Who are your picks?  We surprised each other with some of our picks, and we'd love to get your perspective!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Henry Cavill is Still Superman! | News

Superman hovers above as a hand reaches out for salvation

Get: Henry Cavill is Still Superman! | News

We break down the THR article that proclaimed Henry Cavill's tenure as Superman over, talk about WB's latest division shuffle, Jason Todd on Titans, and so much more!

DC on SCREEN Podcast #503: Henry Cavill is Still Superman! | News
Voicemail: (205) 259-6331
This week we discuss:
Cavill Catastrophe! |
DC Entertainment Shuffles Again |
Is ‘The Batman’ Script Done? |
‘Suicide Squad 2’ Script IS Done! |
Eduardo Dorrance to be Played by Shane West on 'Gotham' |
 Arrowverse Crossover Adds Cassandra Jean Amell as Nora Fries |
'Grimm' Star Elizabeth Tulloch Cast as Lois Lane in Arrowverse Crossover |
'Supergirl' Season 4 Adds 'The Walking Dead's Xander Berkeley |
'The Flash' EP Shares New Details on Season 5's Harrison Wells |
Javelin Coming to Star City |
He Lets Jason Todd Drive the Batmobile -- 'Titans' |
'Swamp Thing' TV Series Will Be Hard-R Rated and Feature Physical Suit |
Swamp Thing Has a Body! |
'Swamp Thing' Casts Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane |
'Swamp Thing' Taps Maria Sten to Star as Liz Tremayne |
'Batman Ninja' Coming To Netflix; Release Date Announced |
Dave Gibbons Excited About HBO's 'Watchmen'! |

Thursday, September 6, 2018

502: Joaquin Phoenix Smiles for the Camera | News

Get ready for Joker jollies, it looks like the Todd Phillips Joker film is up and running.

Get: 502: Joaquin Phoenix Smiles for the Camera | News

Get ready for Joker jollies, it looks like the Todd Phillips Joker film is up and running.

DC on SCREEN #502: On this episode we discuss:
'Superman: The Movie' Returning to Theaters for 40th Anniversary Screenings |
Joaquin Phoenix Flashes His 'Joker' Grin Ahead of the Film Beginning Production |
'Joker' Director Todd Phillips Teases Production With New Photo |
Toby Emmerich Talks a Good But Predictable Game |
Jay Oliva Says Affleck’s Script Was Best He’s Ever Read |
‘The Walking Dead’ Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wants to Play “Badass” Lobo |
The Mutant Leader is Coming to Gotham! |
Bane is Coming! |
Magpie Heading to Gotham! |
Looker Cast on Black Lightning! |
'Doom Patrol' Casts Timothy Dalton as the Chief |
'Swamp Thing' Officially Names Len Wiseman as Executive Producer and Pilot Episode Director |
‘Stargirl’ Reimagines Justice Society |


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