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Sunday, September 27, 2015

'Injustice 2' Release to Coincide With 'Batman v Superman'

Download 'Injustice 2' Release to Coincide With 'Batman v Superman'

In this news episode, we discuss:
* Batman Day
 * Happy Birthday, Mark Hamill!
 * 'Injustice 2' Release to Coincide with 'Batman v Superman'
* Zack Snyder Sets The Record Straight About 'Man of Steel 2'
 * Jason Momoa Says Aquaman Is Meaner and Upset
* Jesse Eisenberg Diminishes Superhero Movies!
* Michael Uslan Says Big Things Are Coming at New York Comic Con for Batman Fans!
* Happy Birthday Marc Guggenheim!
* Stephanie Corneliussen Cast in Legends of Tomorrow!
* Peter Francis James Cast in Legends of Tomorrow!
* Guggenheim Bursts Our Metal Men Bubble!
 * Stephen Amell Talks Season 4 Flashbacks!
* Stephen Amell Releases Picture of Himself and Grant Gustin in Game Changing Scene!
* Gotham Stars Morena Baccarin and Ben McKenzie Are Expecting...
* Raul Castillo Cast in Gotham
* Bruno Heller Says Court of Owls is Definitely Happening!
*Fan Feedback Including Some From Scott Matteson from Simplysyndicated.com!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

'Arrow' Season 4 Preview: What to Expect

Download 'Arrow' Season 4 Preview: What to Expect

When last we left Oliver Queen, he had renounced his status as the Starling City viglante known as the Arrow, and moved on to a new life with Felicity Smoak. Newly resurrected Thea stayed behind with Laurel and Diggle to carry on the work of Team Arrow, and Malcolm Merlyn was settling into his new role as Ra's Al Ghul: Leader of the League if Assassins! What new challenges await Ollie now that he's retired? Will he stay retired for long? Well, no. Of course not. With a new moniker and a new, deadly villain (Damien Darhk) to defeat, Oliver must rebuild the relationships he destroyed as heir to the demon's throne, as well as keep the relationships he's nurtured from becoming so much ash. And of course, there's also that Flash/Arrow crossover and the build up to DC's Legends of Tomorrow to worry about...

'The Flash' Season 2 Preview: What to Expect

Download 'The Flash' Season 2 Preview: What to Expect

WARNING: SPOILERS/NSFW When last we left the Flash, he was super-speeding up skyscrapers and jumping off of flying debris to take on a massive singularity hovering above Central City! So what do we know about Season 2? A whole lot! We talk Zoom, the big bad of Season 2 as well as Caitlin Snow's eventual turn into Killer Frost, Cisco's metahuman status, Joe's new partner Patty Spivot, and of course, Jay Garrick - The Flash of Earth 2! And there is that little matter of there now being a living Harrison Wells roaming about...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

'Gotham' 2x01 - 'Damned If You Do...' Review

Download 'Gotham' 2x01 - 'Damned If You Do...' Review

This week we review the season 2 premiere of 'Gotham', "Damned If You Do..."  Jim Gordon has been demoted.  Penguin rules the Gotham underworld.  Bruce and Alfred search for a way into the mysterious cave of Thomas Wayne, and Barbara finds a new home in Arkham Asylum -- all while a mysterious new player, Theo Galavan, enters the political arena.  Join us as we discuss the moral integrity of Captain Essen and Jim Gordon as they find their way into more troubles than they had previously imagined!  The first chapter of 'Rise of the Villains' has arrived!  Is 'Gotham' still worth watching?  Has it redeemed itself from the previous season? And what shall we make of this silly Zaardon character?

Monday, September 21, 2015

The 'Batman' - 'Doctor Who' Crossover You've Been Waiting For

Download The 'Batman' - 'Doctor Who' Crossover You've Been Waiting For

 In this news episode, we discuss:
*LEGO Dimensions
*Blue Beetle/Booster Gold Film Rumor
 *'Man of Steel 2' Rumors Regarding Supergirl, Brainiac, and Bizarro
 *Is George Miller Having to Choose Between Man of Steel 2 and Justice League Dark?
 *Matt Damon Claims Jason Bourne Can Beat Ben Affleck's Batman
*Gal Gadot Almost Played Faora in 'Man of Steel'
*Bill Finger Finally Gets the Justice He Deserves
 *'Wonder Woman' Begins Filming in November
 *Sean Bean and Eva Green Rumored for Ares and Circe in 'Wonder Woman'
 *Diane Nelson Explains Why We Won't Have a Shared Universe
*Robin Lord Taylor Want Paul Reubens to Play Penguin's Father in 'Gotham'
*'Gotham' Season 2 More Serialized
*'Gotham' Promos
 *'Gotham' Premiere Has Been Released
*'Gotham' Rumors Two Main Characters Will Die
*'The Flash' Three Weeks Trailer
*New 'The Flash' Poster
 *Andrew Kriesberg Word Association Test
 *How Will Wally West Be Introduced in 'The Flash'
 *Colton Haynes' Confirms a Return to 'Arrow'
*Stephen Amell Claims There Will Be No Lighter Tone in 'Arrow'
 *Jay Jackson to Be the Other Part of Firestorm in 'Legends of Tomorrow'
 *Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 3 Magical Friendship

Monday, September 14, 2015

'Gotham' Season 2 Preview: What to Expect

Download 'Gotham' Season 2 Preview: What to Expect
Let's talk 'Gotham' Season 2! WARNING! MASSIVE SPOILERS for SEASON 1 of 'Gotham'! Now that Penguin has de-throned Fish Mooney and Carmine Falcone, will he be able to remain King of Gotham? Was Thomas Wayne a pre-Batman vigilante? How is Barbara dealing with Jerome the Proto-Joker? What possible future could she have in the series? Speaking of villains, are there too many on the show? Is Rise of the Villains the fall of Gotham? We'll be discussing all of these things, as well as Silver St. Cloud, Selina Kyle's character progression, why Harvey Bullock hasn't been seen in the Season 2 promos, and the gradual evolution of Harvey Dent into Two Face!

'The Flash' - Other Worlds Trailer Review

Download 'The Flash' - Other Worlds Trailer Review

In this news episode, we discuss:
* 'Arrow' So Cool Trailer Review/Breakdown
* Paul Blackthorne Instagrams himself with Stephen Amell and Rutina Wesley in costume
* Laurel's Connection to Sara's Resurrection
*'The Flash' Other Worlds Trailer Breakdown/Review
*Candice Patton on Her Leadership Role in Season 2
*Marc Guggenheim Tweets Picture of First 'Legends of Tomorrow' Table Read
*First photos of Hawkman and Hawkgirl Surface
*Gotham Clip: Looking Up from "Damned if You Do"
*'Supergirl's Mehcad Brooks on James Olsen's Different Representation
*Bruce Timm and Paul Dini Weigh in On Harley Quinn and The Joker in 'Suicide Squad'
*Jason Momoa Thinks Aquaman Jokes Are "Cute"
* Zack Snyder Confirms that His Son is Not Robin in 'Batman v Superman'

Monday, September 7, 2015

DC Movies That Never Happened Part 3

Download DC Movies That Never Happened Part 3

Have you heard about the crazy film pitches Adam West had for Batman? Did you know that Chris O' Donnell was going to be Nightwing? Would you like to see a movie where Catwoman faces off against an entire city full of Nathan Fillions? What of the in-canon Justice League film that would bridge the gap between Justice League and Justice League Unlimited? And what about that pre-Gotham Bruce Wayne series that Warner Bros considered before creating Smallville? Join us on an adventure to discover more once-pitched-but-quickly-ditched Batman/DC projects!
Source: Batman Movies That Almost Happened

'Arrow' Season 4 Trailer Recap/Review

In this episode, Dave and Jason discuss:
* 'Arrow' Season 4 Trailer Recap/Review
* Damien Darhk Crashes Parties & Talks to Laurel!
* Diggle's New Dick-Shaped Helmet!
* 'Arrow' Concept Art That Teases Green Lantern But Promises Nothing!
* 'Flash'/'Arrow' Promo, Justice Moves to It's Own Beat
* Linda Park Coming Back to 'The Flash' for Multiple Episodes!
* Canadagraphs' Dr. Light Scoop!
* Iris To Have Leadership Role in 'The Flash' Season 2!
* Tony Todd Cast as Zoom!
* New 'The Flash' Poster Revealed!
*FOX releases new video, Gotham: Season in Seven
*FOX had also released a clip called Gorgeous and Ginger from the episode “Damned if You Do”
* Gotham: A Look Back
* Gotham Comes To Netflix September 21st
* New JLA Cartooon?
* Diane Nelson Gets Big Promotion at Warner Bros.!
* Michael Shannon Accidentally Slipped Up and Revealed His Role in 'Batman v Superman'!
* Jared Leto's Sad Instagram Goodbye to the Clown Prince of Crime!
* New Batman/Joker Footage Leaked from 'Suicide Squad'!
* Ezra Miller Details His Flash Costume and Hair
* The Rock Calls Superman Out on Twitter
* Hoyte Van Hoytema will serve as cinematographer on 'Wonder Woman'
* The first Batman Arkham Knight September DLC pack is the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #1 Release Date Download 'Arrow' Season 4 Trailer Recap/Review

Thursday, September 3, 2015

'LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes - Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom' Review

 'LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes - Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom' might be aimed at a young audience, but it boasts some of the finest voice actors in the business, and wields some genuine (albeit tame) belly laughs for adults looking to find a suitable adventure for the whole family!  Come with us on a spoiler-filled adventure into the LEGO DC Universe where Lex Luthor, Black Manta, and Sinestro hold Wipe-out style try-outs for The Legion of Doom, and seek a government-held secret that will finally give them the edge over their hated do-gooder rivals, The Justice League!

Download 'LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes - Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom'

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