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Sunday, September 27, 2015

'Injustice 2' Release to Coincide With 'Batman v Superman'

Download 'Injustice 2' Release to Coincide With 'Batman v Superman'

In this news episode, we discuss:
* Batman Day
 * Happy Birthday, Mark Hamill!
 * 'Injustice 2' Release to Coincide with 'Batman v Superman'
* Zack Snyder Sets The Record Straight About 'Man of Steel 2'
 * Jason Momoa Says Aquaman Is Meaner and Upset
* Jesse Eisenberg Diminishes Superhero Movies!
* Michael Uslan Says Big Things Are Coming at New York Comic Con for Batman Fans!
* Happy Birthday Marc Guggenheim!
* Stephanie Corneliussen Cast in Legends of Tomorrow!
* Peter Francis James Cast in Legends of Tomorrow!
* Guggenheim Bursts Our Metal Men Bubble!
 * Stephen Amell Talks Season 4 Flashbacks!
* Stephen Amell Releases Picture of Himself and Grant Gustin in Game Changing Scene!
* Gotham Stars Morena Baccarin and Ben McKenzie Are Expecting...
* Raul Castillo Cast in Gotham
* Bruno Heller Says Court of Owls is Definitely Happening!
*Fan Feedback Including Some From Scott Matteson from Simplysyndicated.com!

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