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Monday, May 30, 2016

Arrow 4x23 - Schism – Green Arrow (Season Finale) | Review

Download Arrow 4x23 - Schism – Green Arrow (Season Finale) | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #186 - Arrow 4x23 - Schism | Review – Green Arrow comes to stop Damien Darhk who is killing Donna Smoak before Felicity’s eyes. Of course, he can’t. Damien stops Ollie’s Arrows and makes off with Rubicon again. Oliver gives a hopeful speech to crazy looters, Felicity and Curtis almost magically hack a nuke heading toward the city, and then Oliver defeats Damien Darhk. Partially with the magic that Fortuna taught him, but mostly with hope from angry, hopeful citizens of Star City. That one Spider-man movie or Ghostbusters II… or most recently, Supergirl. Everyone leaves the team to go find themselves, leaving Oliver and Felicity. Also, Oliver’s taxi-cab speech made him Mayor! Oh, and in the flashbacks? We’re off to Russia!

The Flash 2x23 – The Race of His Life (Season Finale) | Review + DC Rebirth

Download The Flash 2x23 – The Race of His Life (Season Finale) | Review + DC Rebirth

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #185 - The Flash 2x23 – The Race of His Life (Season Finale) | Review - At Henry’s funeral, Barry promises vengeance. Zoom challenges Barry to a race to see who is the fastest man alive! If he doesn’t race, Zoom will start killing more people Barry loves. Harry notes that Zoom has stolen a magnetar from Mercury labs, and that, if powered by Zoom and Flash, it could destroy the multiverse (as seen in Cisco’s vision). Barry is consumed with rage, so Joe and co. tranq barry and keep him imprisoned in the Pipeline so he can’t race Zoom. They plan to distract Zoom with Caitlin, shoot him with the meta boot, and shove him through a Cisco breach before destroying the magnetar. It all goes awry, and while Zoom is forced through the breach, he takes Joe with him. The gang thinks it best to close the rifts for good, but Wally refuses, and lets Barry out so he can race Zoom. Joe, meanwhile, in Zoom’s prison learns that the man in the iron mask is Jay Garrick from a third Earth! Then Barry and Cisco send a vibed message that Barry will race Zoom. Which he does, utilizing one of Zoom’s tactics. As the magnetar is being powered, it’s revealed that Barry ran back in time, and brought his time remnant with him. Even as Zoom wins, the time remnant Flash counteracts the pulse (killing himself in the process) while Flash lets the time wraiths come and take Zoom to his fate. Back at Star Labs, it’s revealed the real Jay Garrick is a Henry Allen doppleganger! Harry says he and Jesse can help him get back to Earth 3 from Earth 2. Back at home, Barry says he can’t be with iris, but she says she will wait for him. They kiss, and then Barry runs back in time and saves his mother. We also get spoilery on DC's Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns!

Gotham 2x22 – Transference (Season Finale) | Review

Download Gotham 2x22 – Transference (Season Finale) | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #184 - Gotham 2x22 – Transference | Review - Hugo Strange has a ridiculously big bomb in the basement, and the court of owls want him to blow indian hill (and possibly Gotham, considering the radioactive shit in the basement) to smithereens. But not before finding out what Lucius, Gordon, and lil Wayne knows about who controls Wayne Enterprises. Fish Mooney gets the better of Peabody, and So does Strange when Peabody tries to stop him from using the bomb at Fish Mooney’s command. Meanwhile, Basil Karlo pretends to be Jim Gordon, and no one can tell but Barbara. With Basil outed, Bullock sends the police force to Arkham. In the end, Jim and Gordon diffuse the big bomb by throwing water on it, and everyone escapes Indian Hill – Jim Gordon steals Bullock’s car to find Lee, the Indian Hill monsters get free (including a clone of Bruce Wayne) and Fish Mooney

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Jason Goss Wedding Pics!

If you're wondering what all the lateness is about, one of our hosts got married, so he's been a bit busy! We were getting ready and then celebrating with him instead of reviewing season finales! Don't worry though, we're grabbing time to review them in mere hours. They'll be online tomorrow night! Until then, enjoy me acting stupid and Jason's bad ass wedding cake topper! If you're having trouble viewing these, go to http://www.facebook.com/dconscreen

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Geoff Johns is Not the DCEU Kevin Feige! | News

Download Geoff Johns is Not the DCEU Kevin Feige! | News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN # 183 - Geoff Johns is Not the DCEU Kevin Feige! | News - Supposed new roles for Geoff Johns and Jon Berg, Jason Todd confirmed as dead Robin, new Suicide Squad reviews coming in, Calista Flockhart's future with Supergirl, and more!
May 18th was Our first Birthday! |
Jon Berg & Geoff Johns co-running DC Films |
Johns Talks Hope and Optimism |
Jason Todd Confirmed As Dead Robin |
 Early Reviews Praise Suicide Squad |
Suicide Squad Re-Shoots to Fix Ending |
Cara Delevingne on Auditioning for Suicide Squad |
Rocksteady Releasing Return to Arkham |
Supergirl to Crossover with EVERY DAMN BODY |
Supergirl May Lose Calista Flockhart |
Supergirl Would Have Stayed on CBS is Not For CW |
Powerless Trailer Leaked | Stephen Amell Hints At Arrow Season Finale |
Amell Hints at Season 5 |
Marc Guggenheim Says More DC Characters are Coming to Legends |
Ciara Renee Leaving as Fulltime Cast |
More on Captain America: Civil War |

Legends of Tomorrow 1x16 – Legendary | Review

Download Legends of Tomorrow 1x16 – Legendary | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #182 - Legends of Tomorrow 1x16 – Legendary | Review - Rip takes the team to May 2016 to let them decide their own destiny. Sara find Quentin running communications in the Arrow lair, and learns that Laurel is dead. Ray and Rory decide to look out for one another. Stein is bored. Etc. They all come together to signal Rip, come back to the Waverider, and stuff happens. Kendra gets Sergeant Rock killed, I think… and leaves a note in his helmet telling the team where to find her… and it’s the helmet in Rip’s study. So then they realize that Savage is looking to reset time back to ancient Egypt so he can be a god, and to do so he’s going to perform some lame ass ritual with Hawkman’s blood over some Thanagarian meteors in three different time periods. The good thing about this mess of a plot? We get to see our team kill Savage three times! Kendra and Carter decide to go see if they can have a life together, and the rest of the team decides to go on more adventures in the Waverider before another Waverider shows up, and REX TYLER OF THE JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA pimps out!

Arrow 4x22 – Lost in the Flood | Review

Download Arrow 4x22 – Lost in the Flood | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #181 - Arrow 4x22 – Lost in the Flood | Review - Arrow and Spartan watch Damien Darhk absorbing souls from the nuking of Havenrock, but get beat down and spared as Damien wants them to feel the skin melting when he regains control of Rubicon. Felicity doesn’t have time for dwelling on all the lives she extinguished, but Donna has time to be butt-hurt and bicker with Felicity’s dad (she’s also upset because Felicity tells her she works with Green Arrow—which I thought Donna already knew). Damien enlists Felicity’s Star Trek-quoting ex Cooper Seldon to hack back control of Rubicon, but Curtis and Felicity defeat him to humorous effect. Also, Ollie and John follow a text from Thea to the underground Tevat Noah where they fight ghosts and talk to denizens who didn’t take the yellow pills because they think Damien Darhk gave them more hope than Green Arrow did. Well, alright then. Ollie fights a mind-controlled Thea, brings her back to her senses, while Dig fights Malcolm Merlyn. Anarky meanwhile takes over the Tevat Noah command center, people fight, there’s a stray arrow, and the next thing you know, Ruve Darhk is dead, and the whole ark is destroyed with Damien and Ruve’s mysteriously unnamed and silent daughter saved. Meanwhile, Donna pressures Noah to leave (and he does). But before they fret over that development too much, Damien walks in, and he his pissed.

The Flash 2x22 – Invincible | Review

Download The Flash 2x22 – Invincible | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN # 180 - The Flash 2x22 – Invincible | Review - Barry’s cocky because he thinks the Speed Force is on his side. Caitlin is back at S.T.A.R. Labs, but is suffering PTSD symptoms from her time with Zoom.The city is being overrun by metas from Earth-2. To Joe’s chagrin, Wally is fighting the metas because he feels he wasn’t worthy of being saved by the Flash. Also, Earth-2 Laurel, Black Siren shows up to bring down a bunch of buildings—including Mercury Labs. Zoom is intent on making Barry believe that they are the same, as they share a similar backstory of tragedy. The team finds a way to use frequencies to damage Earth-2 nervous systems into submission, but complications with Jesse and Harry lead to Zoom getting away to Earth-2 at the last second. With everyone together at the West house, Henry and Tina McGee seem to be getting along well, as do Wally and Jesse! Barry and Iris agree to start dating officially, and then Zoom comes in, grabs Henry, and takes him to Barry’s old house. It isn’t fair that Barry didn’t see his mother die like Zolomon did, so of course, he murders Henry. Oh. And Wally totally knows Barry is the Flash now.

Gotham 2x21 – A Legion of Horribles | Review

Download Gotham 2x21 – A Legion of Horribles | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #179 - Gotham 2x21 – A Legion of Horribles | Review - Hugo Strange brings Fish Mooney back using the DNA of a cuttlefish. Unlike the other patients, Fish remembers who she is. She also has nifty new fingernail powers of persuasion! Or just long fingernails on her hand which she uses for her powers of persuasion! Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is worried about Selena (Alfred is very disappointed in Bruce), and Lucius drives Bruce to Arkham so Jim Gordon can dress up like a security guard, see what wall Lucius marked during his tour with Peabody, and make it down to Indian Hill. Strange and Bruce chat, and that gets super weird super fast as Strange thinks it’s okay to pretty much admit to having involvement in Thomas’ murder and warning Bruce not to go down the same path. Everybody gets grabbed! Bruce and Lucius are thrown into a gas chamber where Nygma (who has of course wormed his way into Strange’s good graces) interrogates them about what they know in regards to Strange) while Strange uses some steampunk looking crap to make Clayface look like Jim Gordon! Also Selina convinces a brainwashed Firefly that she needs a servant. So Selina is saved! Oh, yeah! THE COURT OF OWLS are totally in charge of Strange!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Harley Quinn & Birds of Prey! Booster Gold! Even a Civil War Review! | News

Download Harley Quinn & Birds of Prey! Booster Gold! Even a Civil War Review! | News

This episode sponsored by Loot Crate.
SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #178 - Harley Quinn & Birds of Prey! Booster Gold! Even a Civil War Review! | News - In this News episode, David C. Roberson and Jason Goss discuss:
Darwyn Cooke Dies at 53|
Batman v Superman Box Office Update |
Harley Quinn & The Birds of Prey? |
Robbie Talks What Kind of Character Harley Is |
Willem Dafoe Playing Atlantean |
Superman Prequel 'Krypton' Picked Up to Pilot at Syfy |
Powerless Receives Series Order |
Supergirl Renewed and Going to CW, Vancouver |
The Flash’s Glorious Jump|
Apparently Henry and Tina will have a great “moment” in 2x22… The Flash |
New Flash 22 Pictures Reveal Pictures of Katie Cassidy as Black Siren |
Stephen Amell Grows Goatee |
Kevin Smith Wants to Write Arrow |
Wentworth miller No Longer a Regular on Legends|
New Heroes on the Waverider |
Captain America: Civil War Review |

Monday, May 16, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow 1x15 - Destiny | Review

Download Legends of Tomorrow 1x15 - Destiny | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #177 - Legends of Tomorrow 1x15 - Destiny | Review - Rip Hunter is introduced to the concept of The Oculus, the device by which the Time Masters map and (surprise!) manipulate time. Turns out that the Time Masters are in league with Vandal Savage because he is, despite the many atrocities he visits upon humanity, the only person who can unite humanity enough for mankind to survive the coming Thanagarian war! Oh, and the Time Masters claim that they instructed Savage to kill Rip’s family to make him rebel and give him purpose. Shit. In other news, Mick is being brainwashed into being Chronos again, Snart is into Sara, Rip sees Ray die trying to shut the Oculus down, Jax teams with Stein to travel back to the future (and does so while also convincing Stein to give him the roofie in the first place), and the team loses not a Ray as foretold, but Snart who, as he would put it, takes one for the team. The Oculus is destroyed, and the Time Masters no longer have the ability to map time. They end their association with Savage who has just freshly killed Rip’s family with Kendra and Carter in tow.

Arrow 4x21 – Monument Point | Review

Download Arrow 4x21 – Monument Point | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN # 176 - Arrow 4x21 – Monument Point | Review - HIVE is hacking the world’s nuclear missiles, and it’s up to Felicity and her dad The Calculator to keep them at bay! Unfortunately, they need a quantum processor or some such non-sense ... which Felicity has at Palmer Tech ... except she gets fired and escorted out of the building for being a shitty CEO. So she and her dad have to break in with Oliver, use a ridiculously well-placed electromagnet thing to get the processor, and clone the device before security shows up. And when they get back to the bunker, they succeed in stopping every missile… but one. Rather than let the nuke take out a couple of million people, Felicity hacks and directs it to a smaller location, choosing to kill tens of thousands of people instead. Ouch. Meanwhile Thea deals with Malcolm and Anarky (who seemingly kills Alex), and in the flashbacks, Oliver takes on Reiter some more.

The Flash 2x21 – The Runaway Dinosaur | Review

Download The Flash 2x21 – The Runaway Dinosaur | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #175 - The Flash 2x21 – The Runaway Dinosaur | Review - Barry’s finds himself in the Speed Force talking to loved ones past and present. There, he fights to understand the reasoning behind his inability to catch a phantom speedster who holds the key to unlock his powers. Meanwhile, the S.T.A.R. Labs gang struggles with a zombified Girder and tries to find a way to get Barry home while caring for Jesse who remains in a coma from her encounter with the particle accelerator shock wave. Barry learns that his guilt over not saving his mother is psychologically hindering his speed, and Iris helps Barry break the barriers between dimensions, and brings him back home where he defeats Girder. Also, Henry is sticking around … which is worrisome as Zoom has a whole mess of metahumans from Earth 2 ready and willing to conquer Earth-1.

Gotham 2x20 - Unleashed | Review

Download Gotham 2x20 - Unleashed | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #174 - Azrael continues his city-wide search for Jim Gordon who is enlisting the help of Galavan’s sister Tabitha to procure the real Sword of Sin from Grandpappy Galavan’s grave. Tabitha accidentally reminds Theo that he wants to kill Bruce Wayne, Bullock gets a search warrant for Hugo Strange (who coincidentally just finished some spring cleaning), and Alfred gets to shine like a true swashbuckler! After all, the Azrael story is wrapped up fairly nicely as Galavan gets run over by bruce Wayne, shot multiple times by Jim Gordon, and blowed up real good by Penguin, Butch, and his bazooka! Meanwhile, Selena breaks into Arkham to find Firefly as Ed Nygma tries to break out!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ben Affleck Made Executive Producer on 'Justice League' | News

Download Ben Affleck Made Executive Producer on 'Justice League' | News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #173 - Ben Affleck Made Executive Producer on 'Justice League' | News - This episode we discuss:
Henry Cavill Turned 33 on may 5th |
Adam Hughes Turned 49 on May 5th |
Stephen Amell Turned 35 on May 8th |
Ben Affleck Now Executive Producer on Justice League |
Justice League Protest Dakota Pipeline |
NEW Harley/Joker Pic in Rolling Stone |
jared Leto Tried Different Joker Laughs |
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje spoke with CS.net about his role as Killer Croc Jay Hernandez on El Diablo and Suicide Squad |
BvS Numbers Batman v Superman Ultimate Cut Special Features |
Batman v Superman Named One of the Best 2016 Films by Bret Easton Ellis |
Batman v Superman: How It Should Have Ended |
Jim Carrey Playing the Riddler Again? |
Batman: The Killing Joke Release Date Announced |
Supergirl Moving to Vancouver, CW? |
 Clayface Coming to Gotham |
Kevin Smith Apparently Returning for Season 3 of Flash |

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow 1x14 – River of Time | Review

Download Legends of Tomorrow 1x14 – River of Time | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #172 - Legends of Tomorrow 1x14 – River of Time | Review - The team has captured Vandal Savage. Rip figures out that Savage’s giant robot tech was from the future, so he now has righteous cause to stop Savage since he’s manipulating time. He wants to take Savage to the Time Council. Snart and Rory want to return to 2016 while Sara struggles with the fact that Rip would sell the team out to save his own family since Rip may have sent Jax on a “Deadly Years’ type suicide mission that he should have taken himself. Kendra tries to get a captured Carter to remember their lives together while Ray anguishes over what might happen if Carter does remember (thanks to a conversation with Savage). Professor Stein figured out that to save Jax and de-age him, he had to send him back to 2016 – thereby screwing Snart and Rory over in their desires to return. Upon arriving at the Vanishing Point, Rip is arrested and Savage is sent back to his time as the Time Masters have been in league with Savage the entire time.

Arrow 4x20 – Genesis | Review

Download Arrow 4x20 – Genesis | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #171 - Arrow 4x20 – Genesis | Review - Andy lures Diggle out, captures him, tortures him, and lets him get rescued in order to track him to Lilah, who has a chip in her arm that will give Damien Darhk access and control to a bunch of nuclear missiles he can use to destroy the world. Realizing his family will never be safe (mostly because Andy keeps saying it), Diggle kills his brother. Meanwhile, Oliver and Felicity go on a quest to learn magic. Oliver is told he has too much darkness in him, but proves the theory wrong when he focuses on Felicity’s voice in his head, and lightens up enough to repel Darhk’s magic. Also, Thea and Alex take a trip to Genesis, where nothing is real!

The Flash 2x20 - Rupture | Review

Download The Flash 2x20 - Rupture | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #170 - The Flash 2x20 - Rupture | Review - Zoom comes to Earth 1 looking to rule it. First up, Central City! Zoom kills SO MANY POLICE OFFICERS. Barry and Harry can try to recreate the particle accelerator explosion that gave Barry his powers, but it might also kill him. Barry looks for advice from Henry and Joe, and the two oppose each other. Sidebar: henry says his mother’s maiden name is GARRICK. Meanwhile, Cisco gets to meet his brother Dante’s doppleganger, and lacky of Zoom’s who goes by the name Rupture and who seeks revenge on Cisco for killing Reverb, Cisco’s E2 doppleganger. Oh, and Iris tells Barry she wants to be his valentine before he decides to try the plan, and seeminly dies. The residual energy from the particle accelerator explosion also hits Jesse and Wally. Soooooooooooo…

Gotham 2x19 – Azrael | Review

Download Gotham 2x19 – Azrael | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #169 - Gotham 2x19 – Azrael | Review - Jim Gordon lets it be known that he’s on to Hugo Strange even as Hugo experiments with the newly resurrected Theo Galavan, who’s mind is an absolute wasteland of themes and verses from the Book of St. Dumas! Hugo, burdened with the new threat of jim Gordon, convinces Galavan that he is the angel of death, Azrael, and presents him with a mock-up of The Suit of Sorrows armor and the Sword of sin. He sends Azrael after Gordon. In his assassination attempts on Gordon, Azrael manages to kill several GCPD officers, severely wound Captain Barnes, and inadvertently inspire young Bruce Wayne. After stabbing barnes, Gordon shoots Azrael off the GCPD roof where he falls maskless onto a police van in front of a half dozen reporters. The city now knows Galavan is alive. And that he’s Azrael. So does The penguin, Barbara, Butch, Tabitha, and everyone else. Oh, and Nygma has figured out a way into Indian Hill. Cause he’s Nygma, and that’s how he rolls.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Flash Loses Its Director and Rumors Run Rampant! | News

Download The Flash Loses Its Director and Rumors Run Rampant! | News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #168 - The Flash Loses Its Director and Rumors Run Rampant! | News
In this episode Dave and Jason discuss:
Prince Dead |
Prince, Tom Petty Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Performace |
Happy Birthday to our friend Scott Matteson of SimplySyndicated.com |
Happy Birthday to Gal Gadot |
Batman v Superman Box Office Update |
BvS Unrated Blu Ray Run-Time Released |
WB Hinting At Identity of Dead Robin |
BvS Convinced Marvel to Make Captain America: Civil War |
Robbie's Harley Hot Pants Defense |
Reasons Will Smith Decided to Play Deadshot |
Karen Fukuhara Talks Meeting The Joker |
SUICIDE SQUAD 16-Month Calendar July 15th B&N |
Seth Grahame-Smith Leaves The Flash| James Wan Leaving Aquaman? |
Solo Batman Movie To Feature Every Major Bat-Villain? |
Affleck and Johns Have Complete Creative Control of Solo Batman? |
WONDER WOMAN & Wayne Enterprises Trucks |
George Miller for Green lantern Corp |
Zack Snyder Fights With Warner Bros |
Will Henry Cavill Have a Beard in Justice League |
Jeremy Irons Has Confirmed for Justice League and Solo Bat Film |
Warner Bros Opening DC Universe: The Exhibit |
Arrow Casting Season 5's Big Bad, "James" |
John Barrowman Accidentally Live Streams Husband Scott Gill’s Penis |
 "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" will be partially rebooted for season 2|
Lucifer's Lesley-Ann Brandt Talks Season 2 Character Development |
Batman: The Killing Joke Trailer Released |

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow 1x13 - Leviathan | Review

Download Legends of Tomorrow 1x13 - Leviathan | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #167 - Legends of Tomorrow 1x13 - Leviathan | Review - The team goes directly to 2166 to kill Savage as time has run out. Kendra recognizes the Egyptian bracelet she wore from her first death on the arm of one of Vandal’s female officers who turns out to be Cassandra Savage, Vandal’s daughter. The team joins local rebels, retrieve the bracelet, kidknap Cassandra, and turn her against her asshole dad using footage that seems unlikely to exist from a previous episode now reused as security footage. Rory and Kendra melt the bracelet down and coat Carter's mace so that it can be used to kill Savage. A giant robot attacks the rebel camp and the Waverider. Ray figures out how to grow his suit to fight the robot while the others go fight Savage. Kendra’s mace works, but Kendra refuses to kill Savage as the latest Carter shows up brainwashed by Savage (and only Savage holds the key to his mind). So we leave the team aboard a damaged WaveRider with Vandal in tow

Arrow 4x19 - Canary Cry | Review

Download Arrow 4x19 - Canary Cry | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #166 - Arrow 4x19 - Canary Cry | Review - The team attempts to mourn Laurel's death as a new Black Canary is seen stopping an illegal weapons exchange. Oliver discovers that someone took Laurel’s sonic device from the hospital. The imposter is Evelyn Sharp, a H.I.V.E. prisoner whom Oliver believed was with Darhk voluntarily. So more self-blame for Ollie. Captain Lance desperately looks for proof that Laurel is alive, then, when her death is absolutely proven, for a way to resurrect Laurel, even calling Nyssa al Ghul for some Lazarus Pit assistance. Diggle, full of guilt over getting Laurel killed, goes after Darhk's wife, Ruvé Adams, but Oliver stops him from killing her (for some reason). Ruvé issues arrest warrants for all vigilantes. Sharp goes after Ruvé publicly, but Oliver is able to talk her out of killing her. At Laurel's funeral, Oliver reveals Laurel was The Black Canary to preserve her legacy. Afterwards, Oliver vows to kill Darhk. In flashbacks, Oliver and Laurel begin a new relationship following the death of Tommy Merlyn, but leaves for ultimately leaves Laurel to grieve on her own when he leaves for Lian Yu.

The Flash 2x19 – Back to Normal | Review

Download The Flash 2x19 – Back to Normal | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #165 - The Flash 2x19 – Back to Normal | Review - Barry adjusts to life without the speed force, Wells searches for Jesse (and finds her). Shortly after finding her, Wells is kidnapped by Griffin Grey, who demands that Wells find a cure for his metahuman abilities. Grey has superhuman strength, but when he uses his super strength, he accelerates the aging process. Barry, Joe, and Cisco trick Grey into exerting his powers until he ages and dies as a weak, old man; his body then reverts back to its 18-year-old self. To fight Zoom, and return Barry’s powers to him, Wells claims he must build a new particle accelerator. On Earth-2, Hunter professes his love for Caitlin Also kidnapped: Killer Frost. Frost gets Caitlin to help her escape, but then attempts to kill her. Zoom shows up, kills Frost, then warns Caitlin not to free the man in the iron mask. Later, Zoom decides to conquer other Earths in the multiverse, and he takes Caitlin with him back to Earth-1.

Lucifer 1x13 - Take Me Back to Hell | Review

Download Lucifer 1x13 - Take Me Back to Hell | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #164 - Lucifer 1x13 - Take Me Back to Hell | Review - It's Wonder Twin Power Time when Lucifer and Amenadiel team up to take down Malcolm! Except Amenadiel gets wounded by one of those damn demon-forged daggers Maze had last episode! While she’s off healing Amenadiel with Lucifer’s wing feather, Lucifer clears his name, and Chloe gets Malcolm’s money. Malcolm then kidnaps Trixie, holds her hostage for the money, and Lucifer, in trying to save them, is fatally shot. In his dying breaths, Luci promises to work for his Dad again if He saves Chloe and Trixie. He arrives in Hell where he finds that someone has escaped from Hell. God then sends Luci back to earth full force to take down Malcolm. Worried, Lucifer tells Amenadiel that Mom has escaped Hell.

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