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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

'Wonder Woman' Is a Funny Film | DCEU News

Wonder Woman laughing
Download 'Wonder Woman' Is a Funny Film | DCEU News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #360 - In This DCEU news episode, Dave & Jason discuss:
Why No Green Lantern,Chris Pine? |
Patty Jenkins Says They Always Wanted to Make Wonder Woman a Funny Film |
Patty Jenkins on Ares |
How Involved with Wonder Woman was Zack Snyder |
Patty Jenkins Talks Color in Wonder Woman |
Jenkins on Thor/Wonder Woman Differences |
Wonder Woman Opening Weekend Predictions |
BvS Wonder Woman Theme Isn’t in Wonder Woman |
Ciaran Hinds Talks Justice League and Steppenwolf |
Amber heard’s Aquaman Crush Monday |
Zack Snyder’s Superman |
Bryce Dallas Howard Is Interested in Playing Poison Ivy |
Leto Responds to MTV Awards |
4-6 Batman Films in 2019? |
Another Leak Concerning Black Adam and MoS 2 |
Joe Manganiello Talks Playing Superman |
Arnold Wants Another Shot at Batman Villainy | BvS Concept Art Shows Doomsday Almost Looked More Like His Comic Counterpart |

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