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Friday, December 10, 2021

Zack Snyder's Final Crisis!? | News 11/01-12/09/21


Zack Snyder's Turkey with Final Crisis and storyboard notebooks in the background

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On this episode of DC ON SCREEN, we’re talking all about Zack Snyder’s Thanksgiving Turkey Crisis, Dwayne Johnson’s Marvel vs DC proclamation, Henry Cavill reiterates that the cape is STILL in his closet, and Colin Ferell’s Penguin prequel is a GO at HBO max—all that and so much more!


'Zack Snyder is the Blueprint' Trends After Eternals Director Reportedly Praises Man of Steel |

Zack Snyder Teases Final Crisis on Thanksgiving |

Zack Snyder's Justice League is The Most Discussed Film of 2021 According to Twitter |

Zack Snyder's Justice League is in The Top 10 on IMDB in 2021!

The Batman Official Synopsis Released By Warner Bros. | Nov 4th

New The Batman Synopsis Released |

Dwayne Johnson Says He, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds Can Make Marvel and DC Crossover Film Happen |

Black Adam Producer Addresses if Dwayne Johnson Needed Muscle Padding on His Costume |

Black Adam Producer Promises a "Very High Kill Count" |

Dwayne Johnson Speaks Out on Early Cut of Black Adam: "Not Yet Satisfied" |

Batgirl Lands Doctor Strange 2, Logan Cinematographer John Mathieson |

Batgirl Directors Announce Production Start With Photo |

J.K. Simmons Reveals When He's Filming Batgirl |

DC League of Super-Pets Trailer Released |

Birds of Prey Uncut Streaming Again on HBO Max |

Henry Cavill On Man Of Steel 2, "The Cape Is Still In The Closet" |

David Ayer Continues to Tease The Ayer Cut |

Jared Leto Says to Release the Ayer Cut |

DC's Peacemaker Gets New Trailer From HBO Max |

John Cena's Peacemaker Says "F*** Aquaman" in NSFW Comic-Con Clip |

HBO Max Reportedly Recasts Dead Boy Detectives For Doom Patrol Spinoff Pilot |

The Suicide Squad's James Gunn Teases More Spin-Off Shows |

The Batman: Colin Farrell Officially Reprising Penguin Role for HBO Max Spinoff |

Superman & Lois Season 2 Reveals First Trailer |

Superman & Lois: Jenna Dewan to Return as Lucy Lane |

Power Rangers Amy Jo Johnson Directing Season 2 Episode of Superman & Lois |

Robbie Amell Returning To The Flash in Season 8 |

Brandon Routh Has Looked Into a Kingdom Come Superman Series |

Supergirl's Final Season Is Now Streaming on Netflix |

DC's Naomi Adds Stephanie March to New CW Series |

DC Comics' Metal Men Animated Movie in the Works |

The Batman: The Complete Series Remastered to Be Released on Blu-ray |

MultiVersus Officially Revealed by WB Games |

MultiVersus: Kevin Conroy Returning to Voice Batman |

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom Has Wrapped |

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