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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

That 'Batman V Superman' Interview You Read Is A Filthy Lie (Probably)

Download That 'Batman V Superman' Interview You Read Is A Filthy Lie (Probably)

SPOILERS/NSFW - This news episode is crazy! Here's what we talk about:
 Andy Warhol's Lost Batman Film |
Batlabels From the 1966 Batman |
Kevin Conroy Releases Full Version of "Am I Blue" |
Deadshot Might Be in Upcoming Batman Solo Film |
 'Batman v Superman' Viral Interview/Hoax Coverage |
The Truth Be Told Actor Tone Bell Cast As Iris' New Boss |
The Flash "Potential Energy" Synopsis |
Fun New Insights From Teddy Sears |
Fun New Pics From Earth-2! Killer Frost! Earth-2 Barry! |
Jay Garrick Vs Geomancer! |
Velocity 6 May Evolve to Include Velocity 9! |
Arrow Rumors: Felicity To Be Called Oracle? |
New Hawkman/Hawkgirl Logo Revealed! |
Gremlins' Joe Dante To Direct Episode of Legends of Tomorrow |
Tons of Characters Rumored To Be On Season 2 of LOT |
Robbie Amell Coming Back to Firestorm! |
Carlos Valdes Already Shot Something for Legends of Tomorrow |
OC’s Melinda Clarke joins Gotham as Grace Van Dahl |
Michael Bowen from breaking Bad cast as Matches Malone |
 Lori Petty Joins Gotham |

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