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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dr. Pepper Prequels & TV/Movie Separation Anxiety | News

Download Dr. Pepper Prequels & TV/Movie Separation Anxiety | News

WARNING: SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #110 - Dr. Pepper Prequels & TV/Movie Separation Anxiety |
News John Duncan (Robin, "Batman & Robin" [1949]) Has Died |
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Definitely Doing Bad Boys 3 |
Kevin Conroy Gives An Opinion of Ben Affleck's Batman |
Batman v Superman Current Box Office Predictions |
Dr. Pepper Prequel Comics Shed Light on BvS |
DC Wins Big Time on Social Media |
Zack Snyder Explains Why the Movies and TV Shows Are Separate |
Snyder Claims BvS 99.9% Done |
Life-Sized Batman Only Can Be Yours! |
New Batman v Superman Spots |
Final Batman v Superman Trailer Reviewed |
Dan Amboyer Confirmed As Being in Batman v Superman |
DC Worried About Upcoming Slate of Films |
Suicide Squad Releases More Posters |
Gotham Stories Released on IGN |
 BD Wong As Hugo Strange Pictures Surface |
New Pictures of Azrael Actually Look Badass |
The Flash and Supergirl are officially crossing over!!! March 28th episode of Supergirl! |
Grant Gustin Just Posting Pictures on Supergirl Set |
Glimpse of Silver Banshee Siobhan Smythe |
Supergirl going to Superman’s Fortress in the Feb 29th episode |
DStv operator MultiChoice has had to move its newest drama series, Lucifer, from 7pm to 11pm following an outcry from Christian viewers. |
Lucifer Showrunner Joe Henderson Says He Wants More Gaiman Characters |
Andy mientus Returning as Pied Piper in Episode 17, “Flash back”|
David Ramsey says there’s an air of tension on set as everyone has a target on their back, save for Oliver and Felicity |
"Arrow" Brings Back Amy Gumenick as Cupid episode 16 in March |
5 Golden Age Heroes Are Coming to Legends of Tomorrow |
Young Justice Season 3 Possible? |

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