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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Get Ready for Gotham City Sirens! | DCEU News

Download Get Ready for Gotham City Sirens! | DCEU News

Warner Bros. Silverman Shakeup |
Henry Cavill Meets a Giant Tree |
Stephen Colbert and Jon Batiste Put Batman in Christmas Carols |
Ryan Reynolds Explains Why Green Lantern Sucked |
David Ayer & Margot Robbie Reunites for Gotham City Sirens |
Megan Fox Playing Poison Ivy? |
Will Smith Wants in On Sirens |
Deadshot Solo Film & Suicide Squad 2 Being Considered |
Patrick Wilson Talks Aquaman |
Aquaman to shot in Australia |
Jackie Earl Haley to Join DCEU? |
Ben Affleck Doesn’t Want to Make Mediocre Batman Film |
Affleck Says The Batman On Track for Spring Shoot |
Ben Affleck’s Hatred For Daredevil Made Him Take Batman |
Is Matt Damon Bitter? |
New Batman Helmet Rumor |
New Aquaman images released |
Jeremy Irons Talks Justice League | 
Justice League Trailer by the End of the Year |
Suicide Squad 10th Most Searched Term on Google in 2016 |
Margot Robbie Wins Critics Choice Award |
Suicide Squad  Soundtrack Might Be Eligible For an Oscar |
Twenty one Pilots’ Heathens Might be Oscar Nominated |
Suicide Squad Had Most Viewed IMDb Movie Page of 2016 |
Wonder Woman No Longer UN Ambassador |
Wonder Woman riding Into Battle |
Zack Snyder Releases New Pic from Batman v Superman |
LEGO Batman Movie Delayed in Australia |
New Holidays Message from LEGO Batman |

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