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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Batman is Coming to Gotham | DCTV News

David Mazouz next to ben Affleck Batman v Superman poster

Download Batman is Coming to Gotham | DCTV News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #413 - In this DCTV news episode Dave and Jason discuss:
Supergirl S3 Gets A Recast |
Harewood On ‘Cyborg Superman’ |
The Flash Adds Writer |
Candice Patton Confirms S6 Time Jump |
Flash VFX Getting Tested |
Amell Confirms Manu Bennett Return & More |
Amell Wants Colton Haynes Back |
Amell Clarifies S6 Flashbacks |
Guggs Talks Season 6 Mentor Oliver |
Donal Logue’s Daughter Is Safe |
Mazouz On Batman’s Arrival |
Mazouz On Catwoman’s Arrival |
Scarecrow Coming Back to Haunt Gotham |
Gotham Cast Not Sure About Harley Either |
DC Releases Black Lightning Primer |
Gotham by Gaslight Movie? |
Justice League Live Reading Available |
Batman & Harley Quinn Get Comic Prequel & Sequel |
Anniversary Box Set of DC Animated Films |
What Elseworlds Tales Would We Like To See Animated? |
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