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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

'Justice League' Press and Big Arrowverse Ratings Plummet

Justice League

Download 'Justice League' Press and Big Arrowverse Ratings Plummet

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #439 - 'Justice League' Press and Big Arrowverse Ratings Plummet
Harvey Weinstein Scandal |
Zack Snyder’s Vision Didn’t Sync Up With DC Entertainment |
AMC Announces When Justice League Tickets Go on Sale |
Justice League: Aquaman Exclusive First Look Video Released |
Unite TV SPOT |
Justice League Cast Reveals How Joss Whedon & Zack Snyder’s Work Comes Together |
JK Simmons Hasn’t Met Joss Whedon |
Flash is Still a Student |
Cyborg Origin Changed A Bit |
Ray Fisher on Why Cyborg is Different |
‘Justice League’ Cast Reveals Their Characters’ Biggest Struggles |
Ezra Miller Says Sitting In The Batmobile Is Orgasmic |
'Justice League' Movie Gets an Official Rating |
First Look at Ocean Master and Atlanna |
Patrick Wilson Has Wrapped on Aquaman |
Shazam Casting Underway? |
Wonder Woman Only 10 Bucks for Amazon Prime Members |
Writer Says Jerome Isn’t Joker |
Mullock/Gordon Bromance Will Falter |
Arrowverse Ratings Plummet |
Family Therapy Trailer |
EP Talks Lack of Speedsters |
Helbing Talks New Characters |
Flash Will Get New Power |
What’s Happening with Harry? |
EP Talks Thinker |
Constantine Will Appear on Legends |
Dominator Will Return To Legends |
Victor Garber Set to Depart |
Season 6 Sizzle Reel |
Guggs Talks Emerson |
On Roy’s Return to Star City |
What Happened to Thea? |
Constantine Animated Series Art and Trailer |
New Poster for Freedom Fighters: the Ray |

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