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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

More Post 'Justice League' Shake-Ups at Warner Bros. | News

The WB tower is ragged

WB shake-ups, 'Wonder Woman 2' will be "completely different", Lindsay Lohan wants to be Batgirl, Margot Robbie's death threats, CW scheduling issues, and so much more!

Download More Post 'Justice League' Shake-Ups at Warner Bros. | News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #458 - In this episode, Dave and guest co-host Matt Carroll of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcase discuss:
Warner Bros. Taps Walter Hamada Oversee Superhero Films |
Toby Emmerich to Run Warner Bros Studio |
Justice League Extended Cut Probably Coming |
Justice League Digital Release Date |
Snyder Cut Website |
Snyder Cut Protest |
Patty Jenkins Talks Wonder Woman 2 |
James Wan Posts Picture of a Hook That Means Nothing |
James Wan Mentions Black Manta’s Motivation |
Sandburg Posts a Picture of a Very Good Boy Who’s Going to Be In Shazam |
Zachary Levi Has Seen His Shazam Costume! |
Faithe Herman Joins Shazam |
Ben Affleck Discusses Being Batman Again |
Matt Reeves Says He Knows The Story for The Batman |
Lindsay Lohan Wants to Play Batgirl |
Margot Robbie Got Death Threats |
Scarecrow Will Return to Gotham |
CW President Is Optimistic About Return of DC Shows |
CW Presidents Optimistic About Supergirl Timeslot |
Plenty of Costumes |
Synopses & Promo Trailers Everywhere |
Mystery Girl Will Return to Flash |
Deathstroke Is Out Again |
Villainous Titans Casting Call |
Krypton Premiere Date |
Young Justice Update |
Greg Weisman Has an Idea About Premiere |
Watchmen Production Date |
iZombie Premiere Date |
Teen Titans The Complete First Season Available for Pre-Order |
Scooby Doo/Batman the Brave and the Bold Clip Released |

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