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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Psychedelic 'Swamp Thing' Sex Potatoes

Swamp Thing, harley Quinn, Superman, tubers

Should 'Birds of Prey' be R-Rated? Did Whedon have a story for 'Batgirl'? 'Swamp Thing' announced for DC's new streaming service and more!

Download Psychedelic 'Swamp Thing' Sex Potatoes

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #483 - Psychedelic 'Swamp Thing' Sex Potatoes - This week Dave and Jason discuss:
Margot Robbie Describes ‘Birds of Prey’ Film as “R-Rated Girl Gang Film” |
Whedon Had a Batgirl Story After All |
Is ‘Flashpoint’ Truly Over? |
Henry Cavill Wants to Make 'Man of Steel' Sequel |
Christopher McQuarrie Wants to Make 'Man of Steel' Sequel!|
Jay Oliva v Daniel Alter |
Snyder Shows Off Cavill-Reeve |
Reynolds Responds to 'Teen Titans Go to the Movies' |
DC Universe Announced |
DC Universe Adds 'Swamp Thing' |
'Titans', 'Harley Quinn', 'Young Justice Outsiders' Logos Released |
'Metropolis' Series Takes A Step Back |
'Watchmen' Will Diverge From Comics? |
'Arrow' Cast Changes |
'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 4 Has Betrayal! |
'Smallville' Season Eleven Petition |


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