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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Our "Epic" DC Trilogy Pitch

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Get: Our "Epic" DC Trilogy Pitch

We give our "epic" DC trilogy pitches, talk about what villains we'd like to see in a Superman movie, and talk about Patty's Amazon spin-off!

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Patty Jenkins Talks Amazon Spin-Off and Wonder Woman 3 |
Wonder Woman 1984 Gets and Official Rating |
Green Lantern: Geoff Johns to Produce New HBO Max Series |
The Flash Showrunner Is Actually Relieved About Shortened Season 6 |
Supergirl: Thomas Lennon Says He Will "Definitely" Return as Mr. Mxyzptlk |
DC Animation Gets a Brand New Look in First Photo of Next Superman Movie |
Harley Quinn Series Heading to SYFY |
Which Villain Should Be in the Next Superman Movie? |
If We Could Have a Meal With a DC Character, Their Creator, and a Portrayer, Who? |
Doomsday ... With a Red Lantern Ring! The Batman Who Laughs ... With a Yellow Lantern Ring! Lobo ... With an ORANGE Ring! |
Our Top 3 DCEU MOVIES! |
Which Batman Villain Needs an Update? |
Our "Epic" DC Trilogy Pitches |
Thoughts on Batwoman's Hush! |
Thoughts on Batwoman's Mouse and Face-Swapping |

DC on SCREEN #593

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