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Friday, May 14, 2021

Power Rangers: TV vs. Movie (A Poe Boy Indeed) | #626 Warm-Up (Patreon Exclusive)


Power Rangers looking at Edgar Allen Poe as Zordon

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Man. We run the gamut of randomness on this warm-up! Here's what we discuss:

·Foo Fighters' "Cloudspotter" issues (Swing Swing Metronome Queen)

· The Man Who Does Not Read Poe is a Poe Boy Indeed

· Pun Fun! (Accomplishing Positive Change in the World)

· Patton Oswalt’s glorious Parks and Rec filibuster

· Scott Adams vs Adam Scott

· The Bad ROI of Big Organizations

· Living in another Country (Streaming Services will keep Dave in U.S.)

· What happens when Dave drinks

· Jason’s Power Rangers Review/Dave Compares it to TV Series

· The Frustrating Ambiguity of Quantum Leap’s Ending (Somehow Spoiler-Free)

· 45 Year-Olds: They’re Just That Shape Now

· The Ravenous Butts of Doom Patrol

· Revisiting Feelings of Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Jersey Girl

· How Dave Got His King Mattress in College

· Dave's Review of the Netflix Live Action Death Note (Somehow Spoiler-Free)

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