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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Good Things Are Coming


Jared Leto's Joker from Suicide Squad

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In our lead-up to Shazam Fury of the Gods, we're talking lots of fun bits about the future of the DCU, including some hints from David Ayer that there may be time to revisit the past with David Ayer's Suicide Squad...

On this episode:

Shazam: Fury of the Gods
* Tickets Are Now on Sale
* Tracking Shows a Low $35 Million Opening Weekend
* Reviews Are Very Positive
* The Film Hasn't Changed Due to DC Studios Plans
* Zachary Levi Discusses the Future After The Rolling Reset
* James Gunn Praises Fury of the Gods
* New TV Spots Spoil DC Cameo (We Don't Say Who)

The Flash
* Comic Writer Jeff Lanzing Says Film Will Blow Fans Minds

Creature Commandos
* Production Has Begun and Casting is Almost Finished
* Henry Cavill is Not Frankenstein
Superman: Legacy
* James Gunn is Rereading John Byrne's Man of Steel
* A Casting Director Hasn't Been Hired
* Tom King Says Gunn is Directing

The Brave and the Bold
* Ben Affleck Rumored to Be Directing
* James Gunn Defends His Right to Change His Mind

Wonder Woman Animated Series
* Gunn Teases Work on a Wonder Woman Project (Possibly Animated)

* Gunn Says We'll See Economos Sooner Than We Think
* Matthew Lillard Was Once Considered to Play Plastic Man
* 5 Out of 10 Fan Favorite Poll Winners Will Be in the DCU Plans
* David Ayer Says He's Spoken to Gunn and Good Things Are Coming
* Keanu Reeves Has Spoken with Gunn, Doesn't Know About Constantine 2

The Penguin
* Filming Has Begun
* The Penguin HBO Max Series Adds Clancy Brown

Batman: Caped Crusader
* Batman: Caped Crusader TV Series Lands at Amazon Prime Video |

Dead Boy Detectives
* Series Lands at Netflix Instead of HBO Max

The Flash
* Series Finale Will Air May 24th

Gotham Knights
* Gotham Knights Series Premiere Synopsis Released

Home Video
* Superman 4k Collection
* Max Fleischer's Classic Superman Cartoons Getting an HD Remaster


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