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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

First Solo 'Batman' Film to Be 'Under The Red Hood'

Download First Solo 'Batman' Film to Be 'Under The Red Hood'


In this NEWS episode, Dave and Jason discuss:
'Batman: Arkham Knight' Is Still Broken. PC Users Getting Refunds AGAIN |
The '66 Batman skins and Scarecrow DLC Packs Won't Be Coming To XBOX One |
Grant Morrison Talks 'Arkham Asylum' |
David S. Goyer Defends Superman Killing in 'Man of Steel' |
David Ayer is an Asshole and Ignorantly Generalizes All Comic Book Movies That Aren't 'Suicide Squad' | Listener Feedback From Randall About Why Warner Brothers Seems to Cultivate An Environment of Hostility |
David Ayer Talks Harley Quinn's Journey to a Fully Actualized Independent Woman in a Love Triangle |
Nicole Kidman in Talks to Play Character in 'Wonder Woman' |
Matthew McConaughey May Be in Talks For DC Role |
Rumor: 'Under The Red Hood' May Be the First Solo 'Batman' Film! |
'Supergirl' Nets 12.94 Million Viewers! |
Nathan Darrow and Kristen Hager Cast as Victor and Nora Fries on 'Gotham' |
News on When We Can Expect Harvey Dent Back on 'Gotham' |
The Difficulties of Bringing John Constantine to 'Arrow' |
 'Haunted' Screener Episode of 'Arrow' Leaked Online |
Why 'The Flash' Producers Introduced Mrs. West as a Means to Wally |
Iris to Keep Wally Secret For a Long Time |
Fun With Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin!

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