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Sunday, November 8, 2015

'Gotham' 2x07 - 'Mommy's Little Monster' Review

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'Gotham' 2x07 - 'Mommy's Little Monster' Review

Oh, there are so many things wrong with Gotham these days. Theo Galavan is mayor, Jim Gordon is a murderer at the behest of Penguin, Selina is being ousted by a true Melrose Place type who's only 14. Where will the drama end? Don't ask Harvey Bullock, for such questions are above his pay grade and below his sense of wonder. But what of Butch's new found freedom? How does Penguin react to the death of his beloved mother? And how should we react to the fact that 'Gotham' s quickly becoming the most 'Rambo' of the DCTV series so far?

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