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Friday, August 5, 2016

'Suicide Squad' Review (Non-Spoilers, Then Spoiler-Filled)

Download 'Suicide Squad' Review (Non-Spoilers, Then Spoiler-Filled)

NSFW/NON-SPOILERS, THEN SPOILER-FILLED - DC on SCREEN #200 - Suicide Squad Review - The Suicide Squad is finally here, and many critics roundly despise it! With another critical failure in the bag, what does Warner Bros. do now? Importantly, does the film deserve the hatred it's getting? Come with Dave and Jason to an evacuated wasteland that lies between the shine of Metropolis and the grime of Gotham: Midway City -- where an ancient evil has arisen, and the United States government has sanctioned the worst of the worst to save humanity from World War III.

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