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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SDCC Discussion! Justice League, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, and DC TV! | News

Download SDCC Discussion! Justice League, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, and DC TV! | News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #199 - In this episode, Dave and Jason discuss:
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Happy Birthday to Jason Momoa who is 37! |
Geoff Johns Promoted to President of DC Entertainment |
Batman: The Killing Joke Grossed 3.8 Million in Two Nights |
Justice League Dark Trailer |
Suicide Squad Generated Most Online Buzz |
Eyes of the Adversary Came to Ayer in a Dream |
Suicide Squad Final Trailer |
Glimpse of Harley’s Original Costume |
David Ayer Officially Put the Kybosh on the Robin is Joker Rumor |
Ayer Talks to Rolling Stone About BvS Reaction |
Jai Courtney on Boomerang Prep |
Ayer Helps Others Prep for Suicide Squad |
Press Kit Lists Superhero in Suicide Squad |
Will Smith on Seeing the Batmobile |
Jai Courtney Wants to Be in The Flash |
Mid-Credits Scene Confirmed |
Wonder Woman Trailer |
Huge Team Photo Released |
Justice League Trailer |
Kiersey Clemons Confirmed as Iris West |
Jared Leto Wants to Play Joker Again |
Ben Affleck Directing 'Batman' |
Gotham Comic-Con Trailer |
Role Reversal for Ivy and Selina |
Michael Chiklis Says Bad Things on Horizon for barnes |
Tyler Hoechlin as Superman Drops |
Arrow Highlight Reel |
SDCC Arrow News |
The Flash Sizzle Reel  |
SDCC The Flash News | 
Legends of Tomorrow Sizzle Reel  |
SDCC Legends of Tomorrow News  |
Lucifer SDCC Sizzle Reel |
Justice League Actions Has 152 Characters |
Kevin Conroy Plays Batman the Same Every where |

NOTE: SDCC DC TV News Taken Substantially From: SDCC 2016: 40 Things We Learned From Warner Bros. DC TV Panel Block

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