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Thursday, May 4, 2017

'Gotham' Goes Mystical! | DCTV News

Shaman enters the room while Bruce Hides

Download 'Gotham' Goes Mystical! | DCTV News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #372 - Dave and Bethany Discuss:
Lee and Gordon Going Bad Places |
Danny Cannon Talks Gotham |
New Photo Suggest Barbara Will Be Harley |
Is Erin Richards Becoming Harley Quinn? |
Danny Cannon Didn’t Want You to Know About Ra’s al Ghul |
Ben McKenzie Talks Directing Gotham |
Gotham and Supergirl Hit Series Lows |
BD Wong and Jada Pinkett Are Confirmed To Come Back |
Lucifer S2 Ending Will Tie Up Loose Ends |
Kevin Alejandro Reveals What’s next for Lucifer |
Supergirl Poster |
Rhea Will the Mother Lena Never Had |
Mark Gibbons General Zod |
Teddy Sears Wants to Return as Hunter Zolomon |
Danielle Panabaker on Killer Frost’s Future |
Danielle Panabaker on Killer Frost Suit |
A Season Finale Flash Set Back |
Flash Season 4 Poster Lends Itself to Dave's Theory |
Wendy Mericle on How Arrow Season 6 Will Be Different |
Wendy Mericle on Slade Wilson’s Return |
John Barrowman Says He Won’t Be in DCTV Next Season |
Stephen Amell on The Season 5 Finale |
Black Lightning Probably Won’t Air Until Mid-Season |
Season 1 of Justice League Action Available |
Teen Titans Will Get Beast Boy |
Powerless Not Officially Cancelled |
Green Fury Had Plans |
Neil Gaiman Wants 'Sandman' Series |
Joker Injustice 2 Trailer Released |
InJustice 2 Arrowverse DLC |
Batman: Arkham VR out now on HTC Vive & Oculus Rift |


  1. love this episode you should have this young lady on more often

    1. Thanks for this nice comment! I'm sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, the system didn't notify me of your comment. I think the lady on this episode is indeed wonderful. That's why I married her! It looks like we might be a doing a Fresh Prince rewatch podcast together very soon!


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