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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The 'Wonder Woman' Marketing Blitz | DCEU News

Wonder Woman leaps into action!

Download The 'Wonder Woman' Marketing Blitz | DCEU News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #371 - In this DCEU News Episode, Dave and Matt Carroll of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast discuss:
Why WB Isn’t Skipping Out on Wonder Woman’s Marketing |
Pinkberry Has Wonder Woman Flavor |
Wonder Woman Runtime Rumor |
Gal Gadot Was Pregnant During Wonder Woman Reshoots |
Patty Jenkins Says Wonder Woman is Different From The Other DCEU Films |
See Wonder Woman As Much As You Want For $100 |
Aquman Is An Outsider Who Can’t Control His Powers |
LEGO Toys Show Steppenwolf, Flying Fox |
Aquaman Has Begun Filming in Australia |
Aquaman Hugs Jango Fett |
Yahya Has Some Reading to Do |
Matt Reeves Talks His Childhood Obsession With Batman |
Robert Zemeckis ‘The Flash’ Rumors |
Henry Cavill Celebrates National Superhero Day |
Val Kilmer Does Some Weird Batman Stuff |

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  1. Please do not ever have this guest on the show again. Literally the most obnoxious type of comic fan, couldn't stand that guy. Why would you bring a guest onto a DC podcast who wants to just sit there and rag on D.C. In such a nonsensical way?


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