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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

DC Films: The Shake and the Slate | News

Aquaman walks around on a submarine looking awesome

Thoughts on post 'Justice League' shake-ups and film slates, the so-called "first look" of Aquaman, Bat-Hamm, The Fox/Disney merger, and CW DC playing musical time slots--all this and much more!

Download DC Films: The Shake and the Slate | News

DC on SCREEN #454 - On this episode, Dave and Jason discuss:
DC Films Releases Upcoming Slate |
Rumor: Justice League Extended Cut on the Way |
Justice League Sound Editor Says a Director’s Cut is Possible |
EW reveals first look at Arthur Curry |
Jack Grazer Cast as Freddy Freeman in Shazam |
Jon Hamm Gunning Hard to Replace Affleck |
New Waverider Team Member |
Disney Could Own Part of Batman 66 Soon |
Legends & Supergirl Tag Teaming Time Slot |
Titans Casting Call Suggests Wonder Girl |
Guggs Wants The Question on Arrow |
Guggs Would Welcome The Ray Back |
Guggenheim Talks Booster Gold and Blue Beetle |
Guggs on Titans/Arrowverse Crossover |

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