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Sunday, December 10, 2017

'Gotham' Mid-Season 4 Review

Victor has hard choices to make in the mid-season finale of Gotham

'Gotham' knocks it out of the park for their season 4 mid-season finale, and we want to talk all about it!  It's pretty freaking great!

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DC on SCREEN #451 - Dave and Jason talk somewhat passionately about the mid-season finale (and the episodes that lead up to it) of 'Gotham'!  We talk the suspenseful (and disheartening) decline of Bruce and Alfred's relationship, the evolution of Barbara, the remembering of Butch, our feeling of loss over Don Falcone, the admirable loyalty of Victor, and Dave's teenage crush on Sophia Falcone!  How are you digging 'Gotham' so far this year?

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