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Friday, August 17, 2018

500: Batman with Ben, Flash with Spin (or Conversations With Pod People)

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Get: 500: Batman with Ben, Flash with Spin (or Conversations With Pod People)

We talk Ben Affleck still producing 'Batman', WB gettin' WOKE and we have LOTS of messages from friends, fans, and fellow podcasters (they're all our friends)!

DC on SCREEN #500: Dave and Jason discuss:
Congrats From:
Effie Ophelders of Stealing the Remote |
Tim and Scott of The Suicide Squadcast |
Doctor Steve of Weird Medicine |
Ben Affleck Still on Board 'The Batman' as a Producer |
WB Vocal About Wanting a Female Director for 'Supergirl' |
Black Canary Rumors from Heroic Hollywood |
Tom Cruise to Be Green Lantern (Again!?) |
Voicemail From Christopher White |
More Congrats From:
Brent from Fans Without Borders & DCTV Squadcast |
Is Bane’s Pappy Around The Bend on ‘Gotham’? |
‘Doom Patrol’ Has Its Cyborg |
Season 5 Flash Suit Revealed |
‘The Flash’: Kiana Madeira To Recur As Spin |
Stephen Amell Teases Someone Trying on First Superhero Suit |
We Ruin a Touching Message from Listener Elisa Love |
Listener Patrick Asks What We Want from 'Man of Steel 2' |
Listener Jay Scott Sinclair Asks About Our Perfect Blue Beetle/Booster Gold Movie |
Jordan Valdez Clues Us In On His Feelings About Dan DiDio's Bat/Cat DisDain |
The Old Widder Woman Returns! |

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