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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Ezra Miller's Speedster Connections + News

Ezra Miller's Flash connects with the CW and CBS Flashes

Get:  Ezra Miller's Speedster Connections + News
Ezra talks multiverse, Tsujihara talks DC's new direction, Rumors suggest the Arrowverse is losing two shows, and we give our picks for Suicide Squad roster (and who would play them)!

It's a fun episode, folks! This week we talk:
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Warner Bros.Chief Executive Says DC Comics Movie Strategy Has Changed |
'The Flash': Ezra Miller on Delays and Multiverse |
Aquaman 2 Release Date |
Aquaman Digital Release Date |
New Shazam! TV Spot |
Zachary Levi Calling Out Assholes Against Captain Marvel |
Reeves Reportedly Looking For a 20-Something For Batman |
The Batman to Feature at Least 4 Different Villains |
Is The Snyder Cut on the Horizon? |
Is Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow Ending? |
Batwoman Will Likely Not Feature Batman |
Batwoman Casts Elizabeth Anweis As Kate Kane's Step-Mother |
Stargirl Recruits Amy Smart to Play Courtney's Mother and Casts Courtney's Brother |
Titans Casts Its Superboy |
A New Constantine Series? |


Cassidy Riley
  • Will Crisis On Infinite Earths make the Arrowverse into one singular reality?
J Scott St Clair
  • Who are some of the villains we'd like to see populate James Gunn's Suicide Squad & who would you cast in the roles?
Chris Balga
  • What Elseworlds stories would we like to see adapted in a DCEU or DC animated film?
  • Will there be a summer hiatus for DCTV fans?
Travis Hynes (Superhero Discussions, Tales From the DC Universe)
  • Would we want to see Zack Snyder's DCEU saga play out on HBO?
  • Should we expect more dark and gritty DC on HBO is Watchmen is well-received?
  • Should frequent contributor Jordan Valdes change his name to Batjordan Kyle Wayne?

DC on SCREEN #531 - Ezra Miller's Speedster Connections + News

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