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Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Aquaman Cinematic Universe

The Trench

Get:  The Aquaman Cinematic Universe
WB is developing an 'Aquaman' spin-off based on 'The Trench', 'Shazam!' may not have the cameo you're hoping for, and Alan Tudyk talks Mr. Nobody's differences from Joker!

Hey, folks! Dave here!  This episode, Jason and I talk a whole bunch of news, including:
  • 'Aquaman' Numbers Update |
  • 'Aquaman' Home Video Release Dates |
  • 'Aquaman Sequel Moving Forward |
  • 'The Trench' and James Wan's possible Aquaman Cinematic Universe |
  • Jason Momoa Teases Something Exciting After a Meeting at Warner Bros. |
  • 'Shazam!' Gets an Official PG-13 Rating |
  • Mark Hughes Says Superman and Harley/Joker is Shelved |
  • 'The Flash' Star Carlos Valdes May Be Leaving After Season 5 |
  • 'Arrow' Recruits Connor Hawke in Recurring Role |
  • 'Batwoman' Casts 'Birds of Prey' Alum as Red Alice |
  • New 'Doom Patrol' Trailer Reveals Alan Tudyk's Mr. Nobody |
  • Alan Tudyk Talked Differences Between His Mr. Nobody, Joker, and Mark Hamill's Joker |
  • Our First Look at Alfred in 'Pennyworth' |
  • Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is Happening in Animation! |
  • 'Justice League vs. The Fatal Five' Release Date Announced |
  • Feedback from Ryan Huelsman (@TheAmazingRyGuy, @NerdyTastic, @brentacprime, @TheFlitecast, @dcufanfam, @TheBatJordan

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