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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Arrow 5x15 - Fighting Fire With Fire | Recap & Review

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #332 - Arrow 5x15 - Fighting Fire With Fire | Recap & Review Mayor Queen is in danger of being impeached. The city council commences a hearing on the subject and it’s not looking good, according to Adrian. After Oliver is attacked leaving the hearing, the rest of the team takes to the streets after Vigilante. That all fails, but a fight between Vigilante and Prometheus later would seem to give us a dead Vigilante and a Prometheus that’s actually Adrian Chase. Well, Vigilante makes it somehow and ends up fighting the team in another Oliver assassination attempt, but Curtis, who has T-Spheres now, pulls it together and kinda wins for once. Meanwhile, Thea descends into blackmail and eventually resigns because she doesn’t like the direction she’s heading in. Susan’s reputation is restored, giving her another chance to maybe trust Oliver, but she might be kidnapped by Adrian anyway. A very eager Curtis rushes to meet Paul only to be handed divorce papers. And Felicity officially joins the Hacktivism gang she’s been flirting with, so HELIX is probably more powerful than ever. Back in Russian, Anatoli challenges Gregor to some Russian word that basically means who does the crew really stand behind. They have one hour before the showdown and Oliver uses it to prove that Gregor has been taking Rubles from Kovar, which sways the vote in Anatoli’s favor. The whole thing still ends in a shoot-out so, you know……

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