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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Arrowverse Comes to Paleyfest | DCTV News

Download The Arrowverse Comes to Paleyfest | DCTV News

SPOILERS/NEWS - DC on SCREEN #344 - In this DCTV news episode, Dave & Jason discuss:
David Mazouz and Court of Owls |
Kreisberg on LA’s Limitations for Supergirl |
Chyler Leigh on Alex and Maggie’s Future |
Savitar Revelations |
Season 4 Flash Will Not Have a Speedster Villain |
Abra Kadabra Knows Who Savitar Is |
Mon el and Iris West Musical Roles Revealed |
Poster for Musical Revealed |
Musical Will Advance the Story for Barry and Iris |
Whedon’s Influence on Musical Ep |
Surprise Cameo on Penultimate Legends Ep |
How Arrow Protected Prometheus’ Identity |
Felicity Walking In Oliver’s Shoes |
Ramsey Loves Guesting on The Flash |
Arrow Deathstroke Tease |
Arrow Finale Will Be Different This Year |
Black Canary in Season 6? |
Firestorm coming to Injustice 2 |
WonderCon Guest List |

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