Tuesday, January 16, 2018

'Shazam' Gets a Strong Villain! | News

Mark Strong Has Unfinished Business With the DC Universe

Mark Strong talks his role as Dr. Sivana! Suicide Squad 2 gets a new producer, The Batman is once again rumored to be outside of the DCEU continuity, Arrowverse crossovers discussions, Black Lightning's role in the Arrowverse, Krypton updates & more!

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #459 - This week Dave & Jason discuss:
Mark Strong Confirms His Villainous Role in Shazam! |
Suicide Squad 2 Gets a New Producer |
Rumor: ‘The Batman’ Won’t Be in DCEU |
Joe Morton Thinks Cyborg is Still Happening |
Green Lantern Corps Still In The Works |
New Jerome Photos |
Guggs On Future Crossovers |
Benoist on Kreisberg Aftermath |
Jesse Rath Responds To Makeup Backlash |
Cecile Getting Powers For a Second |
Hyrax Might Be Coming to Flash |
Black Lightning Meant to Be Separate from CW Verse |
CW Prez Hints About Wally and Legends |
Constantine Animated Will Reportedly Be Dark |
Johns Hints at Hitman |
Johns Explains Adam Strange on Krypton |
Krypton Might Be Closer to Comics |
Krypton Wants to Expand DC Sci-fi Universe |
Krypton Long-Term Plans |
Watchmen Script Hype |
Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Voice Actors Released|
Bruce Timm Wants to Do Superman: Red Son Next |

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

More Post 'Justice League' Shake-Ups at Warner Bros. | News

The WB tower is ragged

WB shake-ups, 'Wonder Woman 2' will be "completely different", Lindsay Lohan wants to be Batgirl, Margot Robbie's death threats, CW scheduling issues, and so much more!

Download More Post 'Justice League' Shake-Ups at Warner Bros. | News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #458 - In this episode, Dave and guest co-host Matt Carroll of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcase discuss:
Warner Bros. Taps Walter Hamada Oversee Superhero Films |
Toby Emmerich to Run Warner Bros Studio |
Justice League Extended Cut Probably Coming |
Justice League Digital Release Date |
Snyder Cut Website |
Snyder Cut Protest |
Patty Jenkins Talks Wonder Woman 2 |
James Wan Posts Picture of a Hook That Means Nothing |
James Wan Mentions Black Manta’s Motivation |
Sandburg Posts a Picture of a Very Good Boy Who’s Going to Be In Shazam |
Zachary Levi Has Seen His Shazam Costume! |
Faithe Herman Joins Shazam |
Ben Affleck Discusses Being Batman Again |
Matt Reeves Says He Knows The Story for The Batman |
Lindsay Lohan Wants to Play Batgirl |
Margot Robbie Got Death Threats |
Scarecrow Will Return to Gotham |
CW President Is Optimistic About Return of DC Shows |
CW Presidents Optimistic About Supergirl Timeslot |
Plenty of Costumes |
Synopses & Promo Trailers Everywhere |
Mystery Girl Will Return to Flash |
Deathstroke Is Out Again |
Villainous Titans Casting Call |
Krypton Premiere Date |
Young Justice Update |
Greg Weisman Has an Idea About Premiere |
Watchmen Production Date |
iZombie Premiere Date |
Teen Titans The Complete First Season Available for Pre-Order |
Scooby Doo/Batman the Brave and the Bold Clip Released |

Friday, January 5, 2018

'Lucifer' Mid-Season 3 Premiere Review

Lucifer has Maze cut his wings off

Download 'Lucifer' Mid-Season 3 Premiere Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #457 - 'Lucifer' Mid-Season 3 Premiere Review
A flashback episode!  We get to see everyone before the pilot!  Yeah, it's not as fun as it sounds.  Actually, it's just about as fun as it sounds.  It's a delightful excursion from good television.  We discuss our feelings on the episode.  What we liked, what we didn't.  We're not sure what to make of Fox and their scheduling either, but we certainly missed the ongoing narrative this time. We welcome you to listen and give us feedback about your own thoughts.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Freedom Fighters: The Ray | Review

Let's talk about this terrible animated "effort" from the Arrowverse, shall we?

Download Freedom Fighters: The Ray | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #456 - Freedom Fighters: The Ray | Review
Join us (Dave and Jason) as we discuss this terrible, disjointed "season" of bad acting, shallow characters, and 90's Fox Kids-looking animation!  Earth X has never been so boring!  Neither has Earth 1, for that matter!  With heavy-handedness, wooden dialogue, and a season that doesn't even amount to a first act, there's not a lot of positivity to go around on this episode.  But what did you think?  

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Crossover! Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x03 - 5x05

MCUCast DC on SCREEN Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast

David C. Roberson joins Matt Carroll on the Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast to catch up on the last few weeks of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Download Crossover! Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5x03 - 5x05

In a special impromptu crossover event, David C. Roberson joins Matt Carroll on the Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast to talk Runaways and catch up on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Monday, December 18, 2017

No More Fan Petitions! | News

angry villagers with pitchforks

We talk fan petitions, make a fan petition, talk Aquaman, Shazam and X-Men before Dave does a terrible Wentworth Miller impression!

Download No More Fan Petitions! | News

DC on SCREEN #455 - (Stay to the VERY end of this one! )This week Dave and Jason discuss:
Did They Actually Shoot the Black Suit? |
Petition For Patty Jenkins Golden Globe Nomination |
Aquaman Director Debunks 3 Villain Rumors |
Shazam Casting News |
Possible Announcements
New Teen Titans Casting Calls |
Wentworth Miller Open to Return |
CW Confirms Roy Harper Return |

Sunday, December 17, 2017

'Lucifer' Mid-Season 3 Review

The Sinnerman with his new Lucifer-drawn eyes

Let's talk 'Lucifer' Season 3 so far!

Download 'Lucifer' Mid-Season 3 Review

DC on SCREEN #454 - Dave and Jason discuss 'Lucifer' season 3 so far!  Which were the bottle episodes?  What does Cain have in store for Lucifer and Chloe?  What was the best episode 'Lucifer' made so far?  We get into the weeds just a little as we talk our favorite bits, our least favorite tropes, and what we can expect from the rest of the season!

'Legends of Tomorrow' Mid-Season 3 Review

Beebo sits atop his nordic pile in judgment and hunger.

Celebrate with us in this the season of our lord Beebo!  We review season 3 of 'Legends of Tomorrow' up to the mid-season finale!

Download 'Legends of Tomorrow' Mid-Season 3 Review

DC on SCREEN #453 - Dave and Jason discuss some of our thoughts on 'Legends of Tomorrow' season 3 so far, including our feelings about a particularly interesting story premise that may threaten to destroy entire realities!  Or our suspension of disbelief, at least...  So let's talk Mick Rory's dad in Viet Nam, a (ahem) SHARPE new love interest for White Canary, Helen of Troy on Themyscira, the return of the villainous Damian Darhk and triumphant John Constantine!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

DC Films: The Shake and the Slate | News

Aquaman walks around on a submarine looking awesome

Thoughts on post 'Justice League' shake-ups and film slates, the so-called "first look" of Aquaman, Bat-Hamm, The Fox/Disney merger, and CW DC playing musical time slots--all this and much more!

Download DC Films: The Shake and the Slate | News

DC on SCREEN #454 - On this episode, Dave and Jason discuss:
DC Films Releases Upcoming Slate |
Rumor: Justice League Extended Cut on the Way |
Justice League Sound Editor Says a Director’s Cut is Possible |
EW reveals first look at Arthur Curry |
Jack Grazer Cast as Freddy Freeman in Shazam |
Jon Hamm Gunning Hard to Replace Affleck |
New Waverider Team Member |
Disney Could Own Part of Batman 66 Soon |
Legends & Supergirl Tag Teaming Time Slot |
Titans Casting Call Suggests Wonder Girl |
Guggs Wants The Question on Arrow |
Guggs Would Welcome The Ray Back |
Guggenheim Talks Booster Gold and Blue Beetle |
Guggs on Titans/Arrowverse Crossover |

Sunday, December 10, 2017

'Gotham' Mid-Season 4 Review

Victor has hard choices to make in the mid-season finale of Gotham

'Gotham' knocks it out of the park for their season 4 mid-season finale, and we want to talk all about it!  It's pretty freaking great!

Download 'Gotham' Mid-Season 4 Review

DC on SCREEN #451 - Dave and Jason talk somewhat passionately about the mid-season finale (and the episodes that lead up to it) of 'Gotham'!  We talk the suspenseful (and disheartening) decline of Bruce and Alfred's relationship, the evolution of Barbara, the remembering of Butch, our feeling of loss over Don Falcone, the admirable loyalty of Victor, and Dave's teenage crush on Sophia Falcone!  How are you digging 'Gotham' so far this year?