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Monday, October 30, 2023

Aquaman 2 and the Wicked Wal-Mart Weave


Aquaman prepares to fight a giant sentience merkin

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On this episode of DC on SCREEN, Jason and I tumble down a strange, short path of DC news, saying goodbye to Two-Face, finding Aquaman 2 delayed yet again, hearing vague rattlings of a Blue Beetle sequel, terrifying statements that Matthew Vaughan has been in talks with James Gunn, and updates on Keanu’s Constantine 2, but then, did we crack the code? Have we encountered secretly sentient symbiotic switches? Are abandoned Walmart lot weaves wicked? Are extensions extensions of a powerful extraterrestrial mind puppeting our own? From Trump’s fearsome flop top to Clinton’s malicious merkin, we delve into this hard-hitting issue of alien invasion by way of weave. Because news was light.
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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Momoa/Heard Horse Hockey


Jason Momoa and Amber Heard

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We say goodbye to Phyllis Coates and Keith Giffen, Take a look at that Momoa/Heard Horse Hockey, catch up with James Gunn on Superman Legacy and Peacemaker and find out how well My Adventures With Superman is doing... Dave is joined this episode by Frank MaGuire of Meanwhile Back on the Podcast.

  • Phyllis Coates, Star of Adventures of Superman and TV's First Lois Lane, Dies at 96
  • Keith Giffen, Rocket Raccoon and Lobo Co-Creator, Dies at 70
  • Aquaman 2 Drama Emerges From the Depths
  • James Gunn Confirms Legacy Will Film "All Over the World"
  • Gunn Teases More Casting Announcements With a Catch
  • Most Future DC Projects Will Be Shot in London
  • Peacemaker Update (New DCU Will Be Addressed In-Universe)
  • One DC Character Not Appearing in Season 2
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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Is The Upcoming DCU Already Too Confusing?


a man looking out at a multiverse

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The Writers’ Strike is over, James Gunn re-clarifies that nothing is canon until Creature Commandos… he also has more names of actors reprising their previous DCEU roles, and names a fantastic comic as inspiration for Superman Legacy–all that and more...

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