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Thursday, March 28, 2024

"The Penguin" Trailer Reaction + News


The Penguin

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We have a confirmed release date for Netflix’s The Sandman spin-off, Dead Boy Detectives, our reactions to the new trailer for The Penguin, we detangle the Gunn DCU timeline and offer even more clarity on Peacemaker season 2, plus we have a bunch of news about Superman, The Batman Part 2, and so much more...

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Gunn's Superman Symbol Reaction + News

The new Superman Symbol for James Gunn's film--it's the Kingdom Come Logo with Classic colors and a Fleischer yellow outline -- it's covered in snow. Text: DC on SCREEN 717: Kindgom Comeded! Gunn's Superman Symbol Reaction + News


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On this episode of DC on SCREEN – Jason and I are talking all about that very real new Superman symbol reveal, the very fake AI Superman Suit scoop, who is playing Perry White, and a possible filming location implication. Plus, news about Creature Commandos, Joker Folie a Deux, rumors of Gotham City Sirens, a weird Arrowverse resurgence – if you think that’s a lot, I’m sorry because there is SO MUCH MORE...

Friday, March 1, 2024

Justice Society: World War II | Kamandi | Adam Strange Review

Adam Strange holds his dying wife, Kamandi faces off in trials and the Justice Society walk in slow motion | Text: DC on SCREEN #716: Justice Society: World War II, Adam Strange and Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth! Review


Listen to "Justice Society: World War II | Kamandi | Adam Strange Review" on Spreaker.

We're heading back to the past in our on-going review series of the Tomorrowverse! This time we're discussing Justice Society: World War II, plus the DC Showcase Shorts Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth! and Adam Strange!

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