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Friday, August 31, 2018

501: 'Aquaman' Reactions and Baldwin's Retraction | News

Arthur Curry the Aquaman art by David C. Roberson

Get: 501: 'Aquaman' Reactions and Baldwin's Retraction | News

We're talking 'Aquaman' reactions, Alec Baldwin retracting from 'Joker', the Arrowverse crossover, DC Universe and SO MUCH MORE!

DC on SCREEN #501 - This week we discuss:
'Aquaman' Test Screening Reactions |
Hans Zimmer Reportedly Set to Score 'Wonder Woman 1984' |
Alec Baldwin’s Joker Ordeal |
'Joker' Origin Movie to Reportedly Be Scored by Hildur Gudnadottir |
‘Joker’ May Start Filming in Two Weeks |
Joaquin Phoenix Could 'Care Less' What People Think About Him Playing the Joker |
Oscar Isaac Interested In DCEU Role |
‘DC Daily’ Announced, Aired |
Titans Debuts Friday, October 12th |
'Doom Patrol' Casts Brendan Fraser as Robotman |
'Doom Patrol' Casts Alan Tudyk Cast as Main Villain |
The CW Announces Dates for Three-Night Arrowverse Crossover |
Tyler Hoechlin's Superman Will Appear in All Three Arrowverse Crossover Episodes |
Arrowverse Casting Details for Lois Lane Reportedly Revealed |
Grant Gustin Confirms Flash and Superman Scenes in Arrowverse Crossover |
'America's Got Talent' Contestant Cast as 'The Flash' Villain |
Bringing in Caitlin’s Dad on 'The Flash' |
Bruce Boxleitner to Replace Brent Spiner on 'Supergirl' |
'Supergirl' Adds 'Almost Human' Alum in Recurring Role |
Someone’s Getting Fired For This |
Graham McTavish has been cast in 'Lucifer' |

Friday, August 17, 2018

500: Batman with Ben, Flash with Spin (or Conversations With Pod People)

DC Icon Symbols

Get: 500: Batman with Ben, Flash with Spin (or Conversations With Pod People)

We talk Ben Affleck still producing 'Batman', WB gettin' WOKE and we have LOTS of messages from friends, fans, and fellow podcasters (they're all our friends)!

DC on SCREEN #500: Dave and Jason discuss:
Congrats From:
Effie Ophelders of Stealing the Remote |
Tim and Scott of The Suicide Squadcast |
Doctor Steve of Weird Medicine |
Ben Affleck Still on Board 'The Batman' as a Producer |
WB Vocal About Wanting a Female Director for 'Supergirl' |
Black Canary Rumors from Heroic Hollywood |
Tom Cruise to Be Green Lantern (Again!?) |
Voicemail From Christopher White |
More Congrats From:
Brent from Fans Without Borders & DCTV Squadcast |
Is Bane’s Pappy Around The Bend on ‘Gotham’? |
‘Doom Patrol’ Has Its Cyborg |
Season 5 Flash Suit Revealed |
‘The Flash’: Kiana Madeira To Recur As Spin |
Stephen Amell Teases Someone Trying on First Superhero Suit |
We Ruin a Touching Message from Listener Elisa Love |
Listener Patrick Asks What We Want from 'Man of Steel 2' |
Listener Jay Scott Sinclair Asks About Our Perfect Blue Beetle/Booster Gold Movie |
Jordan Valdez Clues Us In On His Feelings About Dan DiDio's Bat/Cat DisDain |
The Old Widder Woman Returns! |

Thursday, August 9, 2018

499: 'Supergirl' Film in Development & 'Batwoman' Has a Lead Actress! | News

Supergirl and Batwoman

Get: 499: 'Supergirl' Film in Development &'Batwoman' Has a Lead Actress! | News

We talk about the 'Supergirl' film in development, the 'Batwoman' casting, and the lack of Batman on screen!

DC on SCREEN #499 - Dave and Jason discuss:
‘Supergirl’ Movie in Development |
‘Birds of Prey’ Villain Revealed to Be Black Mask |
‘The Flash’ Production Date Revealed |
Ruby Rose Cast as ‘Batwoman’ |
Will ‘Batman’ Appear on ‘Batwoman’? |
The CW Not Planning to End Any Arrowverse Series |

Friday, August 3, 2018

498: 'The Batman' Updates | News

DC comics, batman: year one, matt reeves

Get: 498: 'The Batman' Updates | News

Plus Superman not in 'Shazam!', Maxwell Lord may be in 'Wonder Woman 1984', Zack Snyder's Dickless vision, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

DC on SCREEN #498 - Dave and Jason discuss:
Must There Be a Batman: Year One? |
Matt Reeves Answers Questions About ‘The Batman’ |
Is Pedro Pascal Maxwell Lord? |
'Joker' Adds 'Glow's Marc Maron |
Bryan Callen Cast in 'Joker'  |
No Superman Cameo in ‘Shazam!” |
'Batman v Superman' Director Zack Snyder Confirms Identity of Robin in the Film |
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks 'Flashpoint' |
Warner Bros. Developing 'Super Pets' Film Which Focuses on DC Heroes' Companions |
'Gotham’ Doing year Zero |
Mercy and Otis Coming to 'Supergirl' |
Brent Spiner Cast as Vice president on 'Supergirl' |
Shane Black Wants to Direct an Episode of 'Supergirl' |
The Romance Everyone Said No To on 'The Flash' |
The Best Reverse Flash Shirt Ever |
A Post Credit Jordan Valdez Voicemail About Batman #50 |

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