Batman Ninja Review

Batman Ninja Review | DC on SCREEN Podcast

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Dave and Christianna review the English-dubbed and Japanese versions of Batman Ninja! Start your quake engine and come with us on a journey to feudal Japan to ... well, we're not sure exactly... but there are cat puppets! The batmobile in a hut! Alfred brewing black tea from fermented green tea leaves! Bruce Wayne disguised as a western monk from a bat-based religious order! An unexplained bat prophesy that lets Batman have a ninja army he never really uses and a flute-controlled army of armored monkies fighting steam-powered robots piloted by Gotham City's greatest villains! So weird. But so cool-looking!   

'Green Lantern' (2011) Review

'Green Lantern' (2011) Review

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With rumors rampant that Ryan Reynolds will return as the Emerald Knight in Zack Snyder's Justice League, Jason and I sat down and rewatched Reynolds' original 2011 adventure, reviewed it, then discussed studio shenanigans and a version of the script that wasn't shot!

Keaton Batman in, Flashpoint Batman Out?

Keaton Batman in, Flashpoint Batman Out | DC on SCREEN Podcast

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Keaton Vs. Flashpoint Batman: Which do you prefer? Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern seems to be hot on everyone's feeds these days! Is there something going on that we don't know? We also have every DC Film coming to HBO Max in July, plus Lucifer officially has a 6th and final season at Netflix!

Farewell, East Forest

Farewell, East Forest | DC on SCREEN Podcast

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Jason bids a fond farewell to a room that saw countless hours of Batman played and heard thousands of hours of podcasting for years before we ever hit "record." At the beginning of DC on SCREEN, there was East Forest. No matter where we go, how many more episodes of this podcast there are, or who we might become, a piece of that place comes with us.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Review

Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Review | DC on SCREEN Podcast

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We have viewed Legends of Tomorrow season 5! Now we shall review! Words are exchanged! Opinions proffered! Feelings! Expressed! Damn you, Klemmer! Give us back our Nora!

600: Michael Keaton in Talks for Flashpoint! Plus: Unite the Seven Hosts!

600th Episode Michael Keaton Returning as Batman in The Flash

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The Flash: Michael Keaton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan await at the gate! We also say goodbye to Joel Schumacher and are then joined by Scott McClellan (DC Films Squadcast), Effie Ophelders (Stealing the Remote), Chris Balga (World's Finest True Believers, Marvel Alliance), Brentacprime (Fans Without Borders, Marvel Squadcast), and Travis Hynes (Superhero Discussions, Super Civil Servant Podcast) to discuss our journey to 600 episodes, our common experiences podcasting in this fandom, our numbers through the DCEU tumult, where we're hoping to go, and what we're hoping to see. Come have a laugh with us!

A Prelude to 600 (Warm Up) (Patreon Exclusive)

DC on SCREEN Prelude to 600 patreon Exclusive

Before starting our 600th episode, we had quite the fun little conversation with Scott of DC Films Squadcast, Effie Ophelders of Stealing the Remote and Chris Balga of World's Finest True Believers! Among the topics of conversation:

- Editing practices of fine podcasts

- Weezer is NOT the Beatles

- Legends of Tomorrow: Accepting the insanity

- Keeping up with the post-Crisis Arrowverse

- What nearly broke DC on SCREEN.

- DC Universe needs to go international already

- The walkie-talkies that invaded the house in E.T.

- Scott's intimidating Goodreads notifications

- Doomsday Clock and the tin-foil hat theory surrounding the delays

- The fall of Brian Michael Bendis

- A Snyderverse for every medium

- Seduction of the Innocent

Batwoman Season 1 Review (Feat. Brent of Fans Without Borders)

Batwoman Season 1 Review DC on SCREEN

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We dig Batwoman season 1, but now that Ruby Rose and Kate Kane are exiting, does it even matter?
This episode Dave is joined by Fans Without Borders and Marvel Squadcast host Brent!

Supergirl Season 5 Review

Supergirl Season 5 Review

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In this episode, we're talking about Supergirl season 5 with an emphasis on the season finale! We MAY fawn over Lex Luthor too much.


Henry Cavill in Talks for Multiple DC Films

Henry Cavill in Talks for Multiple DC Films

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Henry Cavill looks to be back for multiple DC films, Snyder's Justice League seems to need much more than $30 million to complete, plus our Lantern Spectrum alignment, and other listener questions!

The Flash Season 6 Review

The Flash Season 6 Review

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The Flash: Season 6 is what we're reviewing in this episode! Get ready to hear us talk about what we liked and (oh-ho!) what we DID. NOT.

The Snyder Cut Shall be Released on HBOMax in 2021!

Zack Snyder's Justice League is being Released on HBOMax |DC on SCREEN podcast

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Zack Snyder's version of Justice League is being released on HBOMax! Can David Ayer's Suicide Squad be far behind? Where does this leave the DCEU? Plus, Ruby Rose has left 'Batwoman'! Where does this leave season 2?

It's Happening. (5 Year Anniversary Episode)

It's Happening DC on SCREEN 5 year Anniversary Episode

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The Snyder Cut is Happening, say industry insiders! If Tenet moves, Wonder Woman moves! Robert Pattinson has become sedentary in quarantine, and Colin Farrell isn't "All over" The Batman. Plus, the DCCW shows are delayed until January 2021, Swamp Thing season 1 is coming to CW, Green Arrow and the Canaries is still very much alive, Titans spin-offs are being considered for DC Universe, and Doom Patrol season 2 gets a premiere date! We're also taking your comments, questions, and congratulatory anniversary voicemails!

J. J. League Dark

Swamp Thing, Detective Chimp, Dr. Fate, Enchantress, and Constantine. Text: DC on SCREEN #592

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SDCC 2020 Canceled! | DC Films' New Release Dates | 'The Batman' Will Have a Political Message | J.J. Abrams Confirmed to Create 'Justice League Dark' Series | Our Dream JLD Roster | Crisis on Infinite Earths Gets Deleted Scenes | The Flash to Have Shortened Season | Lucifer Season 6 in Jeopardy Over Tom Ellis Contract Dispute | Harley Quinn Season 1 Coming to DVD | 

We Need to Talk About Ezra

Ezra Miller as The Flash looking as uncomfortable as he's made us

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Warner Media Announces a new CEO, Ezra Miller does some shit we don't condone, the truth about the Birds of Prey VOD prices, Crisis done messed with Lois Lane's daddy, and lots of great questions from our wonderful listeners!

Black Lightning Season 3 Review

Black Lightning, Thunder, Lightning, Lynn, and Gambi behind lens flares

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We're reviewing Black Lightning season 3! Come join us! Learn what we thought! Tell us what YOU thought! It'll be a grand old time!

Batman: The Adventures Continue #1 | How Now

The Batman: The Adventures Continues Logo, a silhouette of Batman against a yellow moon
Dave debuts his new solo series, How Now by reviewing Alan Burnett and Paul Dini's digital-first Batman: The Adventures Continue #1.
It's good to be back in Gotham, but are we really back in the DCAU?

Study And Relax by Kevin MacLeod

Coronaviral Tidbits and Tomfoolery

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We have more coronavirus updates for The Batman and CW shows, talk about Marc Guggenheim's podcast interview, Harley Quinn season 3 updates, and our favorite Djimon Hounsou role in the DC universe (and more!)

Wonder Woman 1984 Moves to August

Wonder Woman with her Lasso of Truth. Text: DC on SCREEN 588

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Birds of Prey Releases on VoD Early to add a little lime to your corona, Wonder Woman 1984 moves to August, Aquaman 2 and Breach updates as well as listener questions!

Quarantine Titans

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Coronavirus shutdowns, how The Snyder Cut release may affect post-theatrical Justice League releases, our dream Plastic Man project, and the road to the Amalgam Universe! All that and so much more, folks!

Matt Reeves Batman: '66 Inspirations?

The Pattinson Bat-Signal spinning into frame

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Matt Reeves' Batmobile, Possible '66 inspirations, our Black Adam/JSA pitch, plus loads of DCCW conversation! Join Dave and guest co-hosts brentacPrime (Fans Without Borders, Marvel Squadcast), Effie Ophelders (Stealing the Remote), and Travis Hynes (Superhero Discussions, The Super Civil Servant Podcast) as we have a spirited discussion with lots of laughs and answer listener questions! Here's what you're in for:

Battinson Batsuit Breakdown

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DiDio has parted ways with DC, we have an extended look at the Battinson Batsuit, Ben Affleck's feelings on Geoff Johns and his real reason for leaving Gotham behind -- Netflix wants even MORE Lucifer? All that a so much more—plus we answer your questions!

I'd Blow The F***ing Thing Up!

Get:  I'd Blow The F***ing Thing Up!   Justice Con has happened. Check it ...