Gross. Abusive. Unprofessional.

Gross. Abusive. Unprofessional. | DC on SCREEN Podcast Episode 604

Get: Gross. Abusive. Unprofessional.

We stand with Ray Fisher.

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On this episode: * Ray Fisher Calls Whedon, Johns and Berg Out * Lots of People Back Ray Up * Zack Snyder Answers Justice League Questions on Vero! *HBO Max Has Replaced Theatrical BvS with Ultimate Edition *Henry Cavill Talks Crazy Rumors *The Batman to Have HBO Max Compansion Series About Gotham PD * Is There an Amazon Animated Series on the Horizon? *Avengers: Endgame Theoretical Physicist Consultant Working on The Flash *Batman Forever: The Ultimate Edition? *Ask Questions for Fandome! *Javicia Leslie Cast as New Batwoman *Stargirl Renewed for Season 2 on CW *Doom Patrol Has a Lost Episode? *Harley Quinn Coming to HBO Max *Neil Gaiman Talks Sandman for Audible and Netflix *Lucifer Season 5 Trailer *Listener Questions

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