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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

SDCC 2017 - Trailers, Sizzle Reels, and Castings | DCTV News

Comic-Con Banner featuring Black Lightning Green Arrow Supergirl and the Flash

Download SDCC 2017 - Trailers, Sizzle Reels, and Castings | DCTV News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #418 - In this episode David C. Roberson & Jason Goss discuss:
SDCC Trailers For Everything |
Jim Was Going To Be Talon |
Barbara is Still Around |
McKenzie Gets To Write |
Season 4 Inspiration |
Sofia Falcone Cast |
Professor Pyg Coming to Gotham |
Tom Welling Cast Against Lucifer |
Lucifer Not Grateful For His Wings |
Some Trailer Explanations |
Patrick Fabian Cast as Part of Linda’s Past |
Casting for Supergirl |
Cat Grant Will Return |
Casting News For the Villains |
Tom Cavanaugh’s Future on Flash |
Todd Helbing On Killer Frost/Caitlin |
Flash Getting Fun Again |
Fixing Time Will Be a Season Long Task |
Role Details for Zari Adrianna Tomaz |
Returning To Legends this Season |
Michael Emerson Coming to Arrow |
New Kind of Villain in Season 6 |
More Villain Information |
Island Explosion Repercussions |
How Much Manu Bennett to Expect |
Black Lightning Showrunner Goals |
Cress Williams Talks Crossover Logistics |
Jefferson Fearful of Daughters Powers |
New Black Lightning Casting |
Geoff Johns Reveals Krypton Plans |
Krypton EP Explains Superman’s Role |
New Telltale Batman Series |
Starfire DLC Trailer |
DCAU Reveals New Projects |

SDCC 2017 - 'Justice League' Trailer and DCEU News

Batman stands atop GCPD headquarters

Download SDCC 2017 - 'Justice League' Trailer and DCEU News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #417 - In this DCEU episode, David C. Roberson and Jason Goss discuss:
Little Girl Cries to See Wonder Woman |
Wonder Woman Biggest Hit of The Summer |
When Connie Met Gal |
Wonder Woman 2 Announced Officially |
Zack Snyder Wishes JL The Best |
Justice League Trailer Analysis |
Justice League Comic-Con hall H Panel Online Now |
Justice League Being marketed as Zack and Whedon’s film? |
Justice League New Poster! |
Cast on Superman in Justice League |
Henry Cavill’s Problematic Mustache |
Ben Affleck Assures Us He Plans to Be Batman For a While |
Larry Fong Praises Justice League DP |
Aquaman Footage Shown At SDCC |
Geoff Johns on Why Aquaman Is An Interesting Character |
Amnesty Bay Light House Under Construction |
WB Announces new Slate of DC Films |
Shazam Director  Confirmed |
Is The Rock Not in Shazam? |
Where’S Gotham City Sirens? |
Harley/Joker Spin-Off Film In The Works? |
Logos Appear to Reveal upcoming Characters |
Tyrese Gibson on Green Lantern Possibility |
Geoff Johns Says Robert Zemeckis Is His Favorite Director |
Jared Leto Won’T Talk Suicide Squad 2 |
Cara Delevigne Probably Not Returning |
Geoff Johns on Why Wonder Woman in the League is Exciting |
Geoff Johns: Is There Too Much Emphasis on Batman? |
Did You Say Flashpoint? |

Monday, July 24, 2017

'Young Justice' Season 1 & 2 | Review + SDCC News For Season 3: Outsiders

Superboy, Miss Martian, Kid Flash, Robin, Artemis, and Aqualad run someplace.

Download 'Young Justice' Season 1 & 2 | Review + SDCC News For Season 3: Outsiders

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #416 - Dave and Jason review and discuss Young Justice Season 1 and Young Justice: Invasion (Season 2). They also give SDCC updates for Young Justice: Outsiders (Season 3).  Expect us to forget vital information, compare characters with previous versions (for better or worse), forget non-vital information, disagree about the vitality of that information and lightly argue about what was and wasn't well-executed.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Elongated Man Coming to 'The Flash'! | DCTV News

Elongated Man Ralph Dibny

Download Elongated Man Coming to 'The Flash'! | DCTV News

SPOILERS/NSFW - In this DCTV News episode, we discuss:
Gotham's Bruce Powell On Secret Identity |
Pertwee Reminds Us the Graysons Are Around |
Casting Calls For The Flash Season 4 |
Set Photos Show Wally In Red |
Black Canary Will Get Love Interest |
Black Siren Might Be Redeemable |
Amell’s Season 6 Hopes for Oliver |
Oliver’s Role As Father in Season 6 |
New Costume for Dinah Drake |
13 Episode Titans Seasons |
DC Shows Leaving Netflix In August |
Black Manta May Come To Injustice |
Dark Knight Trilogy Getting 4k Treatment |

New 'Justice League' Footage! | DCEU News

Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman ready themselves for battle in Justice League

Download New 'Justice League' Footage! | DCEU News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #414 - In this DCEU News episode Dave and Jason discuss:
Sam Glanzman Passes Away | GoFundMe
Wonder Woman Numbers |
Wonder Woman Holding Better Than Any Superhero Movie in 15 Years |
Deadpool Responds to Wonder Woman Surpassing Him |
Lynda Carter on Role in Wonder Woman 2 |
Wonder Woman 2 Rumors Confirmed By Another Outlet |
New International ‘Justice League’ TV Spots |
New ‘Justice League’ Photo |
Ezra Miller on The Flash in ‘Justice League’ |
Zack Snyder Has Changed His Profile Picture! |
Chris McKay Talks Casting Nightwing |
Aubrey Plaza Wants to Play Catwoman |
New DCEU Schedule Updates |
Jonathan Linnett
Eli Hernandez ????‏ @EliHernandez
Suicide Squad 2 Eyeing Director |
The Batman Starting Over, Eyeing 2019 Release Date |
Voicemail, J Scott St Clair
iTunes Store by Joseph Golden
Charles McFall
Nathan‏ @Wobblyboots85
Randall Smith
J Scott St Clair

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Batman is Coming to Gotham | DCTV News

David Mazouz next to ben Affleck Batman v Superman poster

Download Batman is Coming to Gotham | DCTV News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #413 - In this DCTV news episode Dave and Jason discuss:
Supergirl S3 Gets A Recast |
Harewood On ‘Cyborg Superman’ |
The Flash Adds Writer |
Candice Patton Confirms S6 Time Jump |
Flash VFX Getting Tested |
Amell Confirms Manu Bennett Return & More |
Amell Wants Colton Haynes Back |
Amell Clarifies S6 Flashbacks |
Guggs Talks Season 6 Mentor Oliver |
Donal Logue’s Daughter Is Safe |
Mazouz On Batman’s Arrival |
Mazouz On Catwoman’s Arrival |
Scarecrow Coming Back to Haunt Gotham |
Gotham Cast Not Sure About Harley Either |
DC Releases Black Lightning Primer |
Gotham by Gaslight Movie? |
Justice League Live Reading Available |
Batman & Harley Quinn Get Comic Prequel & Sequel |
Anniversary Box Set of DC Animated Films |
What Elseworlds Tales Would We Like To See Animated? |
justin ashby‏ @justin_ashby Jun 29
Matthew Ryan Cronin
Jason Smith
Scott#TeamBatman‏ @ScottDC27

Reeves Has Ideas About a Batman Arc | DCEU NEWS

Batman photo by Zack Snyder on Vero

Download Reeves Has Ideas About a Batman Arc | DCEU NEWS

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #412 - In this DCEU News episode, Dave and Jason discuss:
Stan Lee’s Wife Joan Dies |
Warner Bros. Hall H Plans |
Wonder Woman Boc Office Ownage |
Patty Jenkins Not Confirmed for Wonder Woman 2 |
Wonder Woman 2 Set in 1980s? |
First Look At Steppenwolf |
New Picture of Batman Released by Zack Snyder |
Steppenwolf Never Fought the Justice League? |
Amber Heard's Instagram Fairy Tale |
Matt Reeves Talks Batman Arc |
Rupert Wyatt to Direct Green Lantern Corps? |
Eiza Gonzalez is Catwoman? |
Katherine Winnick Teases Black Canary? |
The Supposed Batgirl Shortlist |
Superman: Red Son? |
J Scott St Clair
Rob Rivera
Voicemail from Justin
Voicemail from Widder Woman
Chris White: What do DC on SCREEN Fans Like About Batman?
Larry King‏ @larrykingundead
Nathan‏ @Wobblyboots85
Brent Clark‏ @brentacPrime
Deej Penhollow
Jason Smith

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