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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Flash's Cancelled Open World Video Game | DCTV News

Download The Flash's Cancelled Open World Video Game | DCTV News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #289 - The Flash's Cancelled Open World Video Game | DCTV News
CC Pounder Turns 64 |
Gotham Promo - 3x12 Mad City: Ghosts |
Cameron Monaghan Corpse Photo |
Gotham Smile Like You Mean It Photos |
EP talks Chloe’s Miracle Birth |
Constantine on Lucifer |
Invasion Signed Script Auction |
Iris’ Unscripted Line |
CW Re-Airing Invasion Crossover |
Supergirl Promo - 2x09 Supergirl Lives |
Return of Cat Grant |
Kreisberg on Alex and Maggie |
Flash Promo - 3x10 Borrowing Problems from the Future |
Teddy Sears weighs in on Black Flash |
Barry Focused on Saving Iris |
Guggenheim, John Jr, Connor Hawke, and 2046 |
Wendy Mericle on Diggle, S6 Crossover, and Flashbacks |
Legends of Tomorrow Promo - 2x09 Raiders of the Lost Art |
Cancelled Flash Open World Video Game|
Supergirl Injustice 2 Gameplay released |
No Pro Patch for Arkham Knight on PS4 Pro |
Damian Wayne Arkham Knight Sequel Rumors |
Adam West Art Exhibition |

More 'Justice League' Details for Your Consideration | DCEU News

Download More 'Justice League' Details for Your Consideration | DCEU News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #288 - More 'Justice League' Details for Your Consideration | DCEU News
Golden Tux Batman |
New LEGO Batman Movie Posters |
Jared Leto Turns 45 |
The Rock and Henry Cavill Wish Us Happy Holidays |
Stephanie Corneliussen Wants ro Play Poison Ivy |
'Suicide Squad’ tops DVD and Blu-ray Sales Charts |
Last Day of Shooting Harley Photo |
Viola Davis Says Why She Loved Playing Waller |
Wonder Woman Steals a God Killer |
Gal Gadot & Lynda Carter Speak Out on U.N. Sexism |
Henry Cavill Reveals Key Justice League Plot Points |
New Photo With The Flash, Batman, and Wonder Woman |
Lex Luthor and Queen Hippolyta in Justice League |
Patrick Wilson Training for Aquaman |

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Justice League Action - Shazam Slam | Review

Download Justice League Action - Shazam Slam | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #287 - Justice League Action - Shazam Slam | Review
The nefarious Black Adam has beaten The Wizard and Billy Batson, unleashed the DJinn, and taken over the Rock of Eternity!  Now it's up to the Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Cyborg, Plastic Man, Swamp Thing, Martian Manhunter, John Constantine, and (kinda) Booster Gold to stop the Djinn and take down Black Adam!  Action-packed and hilarious, Justice League Action is a great ride for the kids and adults alike!  Want to know more?  Listen to Dave and Jason discuss the first four episodes here!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gotham's Joker Revealed! | DCTV News

Download Gotham's Joker Revealed! | DCTV News

Greg Weisman Has a message for Young Justice Fans |
Cameron Monaghan Teases Full Joker Costume |
Gotham/Arrow Similarities |
Mon-El’s Secret |
Neil Patrick Harris on Supergirl? |
Gypsy Has Been Cast |
Wendy Mericle and the Russian Vodka |
Stephen Amell Uses Batman Begins to Illustrate Arrow Story |
Legends Brings Dinosaurs to the Table? |
Suicide Squad Game Cancelled |
Batman The Telltale Series City of Light Review (spoilers)

Get Ready for Gotham City Sirens! | DCEU News

Download Get Ready for Gotham City Sirens! | DCEU News

Warner Bros. Silverman Shakeup |
Henry Cavill Meets a Giant Tree |
Stephen Colbert and Jon Batiste Put Batman in Christmas Carols |
Ryan Reynolds Explains Why Green Lantern Sucked |
David Ayer & Margot Robbie Reunites for Gotham City Sirens |
Megan Fox Playing Poison Ivy? |
Will Smith Wants in On Sirens |
Deadshot Solo Film & Suicide Squad 2 Being Considered |
Patrick Wilson Talks Aquaman |
Aquaman to shot in Australia |
Jackie Earl Haley to Join DCEU? |
Ben Affleck Doesn’t Want to Make Mediocre Batman Film |
Affleck Says The Batman On Track for Spring Shoot |
Ben Affleck’s Hatred For Daredevil Made Him Take Batman |
Is Matt Damon Bitter? |
New Batman Helmet Rumor |
New Aquaman images released |
Jeremy Irons Talks Justice League | 
Justice League Trailer by the End of the Year |
Suicide Squad 10th Most Searched Term on Google in 2016 |
Margot Robbie Wins Critics Choice Award |
Suicide Squad  Soundtrack Might Be Eligible For an Oscar |
Twenty one Pilots’ Heathens Might be Oscar Nominated |
Suicide Squad Had Most Viewed IMDb Movie Page of 2016 |
Wonder Woman No Longer UN Ambassador |
Wonder Woman riding Into Battle |
Zack Snyder Releases New Pic from Batman v Superman |
LEGO Batman Movie Delayed in Australia |
New Holidays Message from LEGO Batman |

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

DC Week Brings Biggest Ratings For CW in Six Years | DCTV News

Download DC Week Brings Biggest Ratings For CW in Six Years | DCTV News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #284 - DC Week Brings Biggest Ratings For CW in Six Years | DCTV News
God Johnson is On the Way to Lucifer! |
DC Week Gives CW Biggest Ratings in Six Years |
Will Power Girl Show Up on Earth 1 |
Winn’s Reaction to Crossover |
Mon-El To Tend Bar at the Alien  bar |
Mon-El is Hiding Something about His Home Planet |
Mon-El and Supergirl will Be Teaming Up |
Grant Gustin getting a New Suit? |
Gypsy Coming to The Flash |
Arrow 66 |
Felicity to Pull Some Morally Questionable Crap |
The Season Finale Scene Guggenheim Spoiled |
Concept Art for Vigilante and Steel Has been Released |
Legends to Meet George Lucas |
Legends oF Tommorrow Tease with Bloody Battle |
Trollhunters Easter Egg in legends of Tomorrow |
Elyse Levesque To Guest Star on Legends of Tomorrow |
Victor Garber Talks About Legends |
Victor Garber Doesn’t Want to Go to the Titanic |
The Ray & Vixen Announcements? |
Powerless Setting Changed From Pilot |
Powerless Release Date |
Justice League Action Clips |

Ben Affleck Says He's In No Hurry to Make 'The Batman' | DCEU News

Download Ben Affleck Says He's In No Hurry to Make 'The Batman' | DCEU News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #283 - Ben Affleck Says He's In No Hurry to Make 'The Batman' | DCEU News
The Adventures of Captain Marvel Coming to Blu-Ray |
Warner Bros Teaming with Apple? |
New Lego Batman Poster |
Justice League 2 Pushed Back for Batman |
The Trolling of Armie Hammer |
Shad Gaspard Followed By Geoff Johns |
Why Will Smith Chose Suicide Squad Over Independence Day 2 |
2 new Featurettes for Suicide Squad Extended Cut | 
Suicide Squad Soundtrack Nominated for 5 Grammy Awards |
Edgar Wright & James Wan Talk Aquaman|
Patrick Wilson Cast as Ocean Master |
Joe Manganiello Says The Batman Starts This Year |
Ben Affleck Says He’s In No Hurry to Make Batman Solo |
Tom Holland Excited About Batman |
James Gunn Talks Shazam |

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow 2x08 - The Chicago Way | Recap & Review

Download Legends of Tomorrow 2x08 - The Chicago Way | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #282 - Legends of Tomorrow 2x08 - The Chicago Way | Recap & Review
The Legion of Doom are up to no good as Eobard Thawne, Damien Darhk, and Malcolm Merlyn take to the prohibition-era streets of Chicago and recruit a budding Al Capone for their scheme.  Being the resident historian, Nate tries to impersonate Elliot Ness and shut Capone down but the Legion manages to capture Stein and Sara instead.  Mick takes over mission planning for a bit and manages to get Sara and Stein back, except that Stein is actually a disguised Thawne who begins ravaging the ship in search of the amulet.  He finds it and nearly kills Sara but she is saved by some alarm on his fancy watch.  After reluctantly telling Sara that he has created an aberration named Lily, Sara trades the amulet for the real Stein and even absolves him of his guilt for not wanting to time-kill his daughter.  Amaya gives Mick a present that she stole just for him, which Mick loves dearly.  Too bad he has to justify it to his old friend Snart, who has been appearing in visions recently.  The Legion has their map and is out to find the spear of destiny and Rip Hunter may have found his calling as a sleazy, American action director in the late 60’s.

Arrow 5x09 - What We Leave Behind | Recap & Review

Download Arrow 5x09 - What We Leave Behind | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #281 - Arrow 5x09 - What We Leave Behind | Recap & Review
Susan and Oliver are getting chummy enough that Mayor Queen officially invites her to the city’s Christmas party.  That’s good, because he’s seriously gonna need a drink and a shoulder to cry on later.  Felicity and Curtis try to introduce their significant others at the party but Felicity’s trademark awkwardness get Curtis into trouble.  As he and Paul are leaving the party in a huff, Prometheus attacks Curtis, who defends himself a little too well but still gets his ass beat.  At the hospital he finally tells Paul that he’s a vigilante.  Paul demands he quit immediately or their marriage is over but ultimately decides he has to leave either way.  Much as he loves Paul, Curtis decides that his true place is on Team Arrow.  Oliver tracks down some bread crumbs left him by Prometheus and discovers that his foe is the son of one of his Season One victims and that Artemis is a traitor.  Prometheus says that everything Oliver touches or loves eventually dies.  To prove his point he lures Oliver to a location and baits him into killing Felicity’s new boyfriend, Detective Malone.  He tearfully informs the team, who swear that Prometheus is wrong about Oliver and vow to support him.  Oliver seeks that Susan shoulder we talked about earlier while someone with Lyla’s voice tricks Diggle into getting captured by the authorities.  Finally, Oliver returns to the hideout, ready to get back to work only to find a perfectly alive-looking Laurel staring at her old Black Canary uniform.

The Flash 3x09 - The Present | Recap & Review

Download The Flash 3x09 - The Present | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #280 - The Flash 3x09 - The Present | Recap & Review -  Iris finds out that Julian was a would-be Indiana Jones hunting for the Philosopher’s Stone. Julian admits to it but claims to have never found the stone. He does reveal to the team that Savitar was the first Speedster, prompting Barry to go to Earth 3 in search of Jay Garrick. They come back just in time to help them stop Savitar and Dr Alchemy from turning all the Flashpoint retreads back into metas. They capture Alchemy and discover that he’s actually Julian, which is a surprise to Julian, who has no idea he’s evil when he blacks out. To gain his trust Barry reveals his Flashiness. Then the team gets to work strapping Julian to a chair so they can talk to Alchemy, who says some seriously spooky shit about destiny and revenge. They decide it would be best to destroy the Stone, which is somehow a containment vessel for Savitar, but find it’s impossible. Plan B is to just hurl that thing deep into the Speed Force, which Barry and Jay manage, but Barry gets tossed 5 months into the future and sees Savitar impale Iris. Jay assures him that this is just a possible future and there’s no need to get too worked up about it. Meanwhile, the holidays are hard on Cisco, who has been dealing with visions of Dante. But Caitlin, a veteran of losing loved ones, talks him through some dark times. Also, Wally tells Joe that HR has been training him. Joe is super pissed until HR warns Joe that Wally will only get farther from him as long as he denies the kid his true potential.  Finally, the whole gang, even Cecile and Julian, show up to just enjoy some egg nog and some good ol Holiday Cheer.  With Cecile out of the room they finally give Kid Flash his new costume and Joe accepts that his destiny is that of a heroing Speedster. Barry moves pretty fast in a different way as he has signed a lease on his and Iris’ new apartment. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Invasion! Brings Big Ratings Across The Board! | DCTV News

Download Invasion! Brings Big Ratings Across The Board! | DCTV News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #279 -Invasion! Brings Big Ratings Across The Board! | DCTV News
Kevin Conroy Turned 61 |
Van Williams (Green Hornet) Passes Away |
Will Barbara Become Harley Quinn |
How The Crossover Ratings Were
Lynda Carter Was Originally Supposed to Be The President of Earth 1 |
Who is Ray’s Cousin? |
Alex/Sara Almost Got Hints |
HR and Speedy also nearly shared a moment |
Mr. Mxyzptlk Is Coming to Supergirl |
The Legion of Super-Heroes Coming to Supergirl |
Further Flashpoint Complications |
New Images of Mark Hamill and John Wesley Shipp Released |
Accelerated Man in The Flash |
Amell on Midseason Finale |
Where Was Roy in 100th Episode? |
Where Was Artemis in the Crossover? |
When Artemis Joined Prometheus |
Guggenheim Wants The Question |
Guggenheim on Dream Casting |
Guggenheim On Olicity |
What Guggenheim Wished People Appreciated More About the Show |
Arrow Boss Toots Own Horn |
Spectre Coming to Arrow? |
Christina Brucato Cast on legends of Tomorrow as Recurring |
Camelot 3000 is Coming |
Smallville/Supernatural Crossover That Never Happened |
Justice League Action Originally a Batman Cartoon |
Teen Titans Judas Contract |
New Batman Arkham Game Leaked? |
Injustice Gods Among Us Compatible with Xbox One |

Fans See Green Lantern Everywhere | DCEU News

Download Fans See Green Lantern Everywhere | DCEU News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #278 - Fans See Green Lantern Everywhere | DCEU News
Fans See Green Lantern in Justice League Image |
Jamie Dornan For Green Lantern |
Armie Hammer Might Be in DCEU |
Katheryn Winnick Wants to Play Black Canary |
Zack Snyder  Shares Image of Henry Cavill’s first Superman Costume Test |
CEO Kevin Tsujihara Talks Possible Streaming Service |
Gal Gadot, Margot Robbie Nominated in Critics’ Choice Awards |
Amy Adams Explains the Tricky Thing About Playing Lois Lane |
Lex Luthor Theme Music is Bizarro Version of Superman’s Theme |
Batman v Superman Opens Strong on HBO |
Zack Snyder Releases New Picture of Knightmare Batman |
New Photo of Rick Flag |
New Clip of Featurette, Bringing Harley to Life |
New Joker/Harley Concept Art Released |
Jai Courtney Hopes for a Suicide Squad Sequel |
New Wonder Woman Art |
Aquaman Working Title is Revealed |
Aquaman Release Date |
Ezra Miller Wears Captain Boomerang Outfit |
Billy Dee Williams to Play Two-Face |

Monday, December 5, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow 2x07 - Invasion! | Recap & Review

Download Legends of Tomorrow 2x07 - Invasion! | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #277 - Legends of Tomorrow 2x07 - Invasion! | Recap & Review
The whole team shows up to fight some aliens.  Except Supergirl, who Oliver tries to sideline to regain some normalcy.  It’s okay though, because she shows up anyway when they fight a ton of aliens!  The Legends travel back in time to kidnap and interrogate a Dominator.  Mick, Nate, and Maya managed to get captured, along with the alien, who tells them he’s here to determine if they are a threat.  Cisco and Felicity show up to save the crew.  Cisco also insists they save the Dominator from painful government interrogation.  It’s a nice gesture, but all it gets them is a chance to surrender Barry in exchange for the lives of every meta on the planet.  Turns out the Dominators had a truce with Earth’s government to stay away but when Barry broke time the truce went with it.  Barry is willing to comply to assuage his guilt over Flashpoint and to save all of his fellow metas but the team won’t let him.  Stein and his newfound daughter come up with a nifty gadget that will disable the Dominators if someone can get it on their bodies.  The rest of the heroes hold off the aliens while Flash and Supergirl slap on some incapacitating nanotech.  Also, Firestorm turns their giant, meta-killing bomb into a giant water drop.  Afterwards, the team gets some high praise from the new president, Cisco gives Supergirl a device that can transport her to and from Earth 38 when needed, and Barry and Oliver have a much-deserved drink where they discuss the fullness and strangeness of life.

Arrow 5x08 - Invasion! | Recap & Review

Download Arrow 5x08 - Invasion! | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #276 - Arrow 5x08 - Invasion! | Recap & Review
Oliver, Thea, Diggle, Ray, and Sara are just plain happy.  Oliver is happy to marry Laurel.  Quentin is happy to see his oldest daughter hitched to a reformed Oliver.  Sara is happy to dote over her sister in the days before her wedding.  Thea and Oliver are beside themselves with both parents alive, well, and extremely supportive.  Ray is with Felicity and hasn’t a complaint in the world.  And Diggle is happy to be the Green Arrow.  Also, this is all a lie and they are trapped on a ship under Dominator mind control.  After deciding that this utopia is a pack of lies, Oliver finds his fellow abductees and confronts them with the truth.  They agree that they’re in a simulation, defeat all of their greatest enemies all at once, then head to Smoak Technologies to prison break both the simulation and a spaceship.  After Thea figures out where the on button is on the escape pod, the team shuttles away and nearly gets Tie-Fightered to death before the Waverider swoops in and rescues them.  Meanwhile, Team Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl have been hitting the streets after a Cyber Woman.  Wild Dog isn’t loving the meta-team up but decides he can deal with it when they put a beat down on the Cyber Woman and save his hyde.  Oliver and company are horrified when they realize that they were captured and mentally probed so someone would know more about the weaknesses of their super-powered colleagues.
Question: Is it just us, or is this episode just one big homage to Batman: The Animated Series' "Perchance to Dream"?

The Flash 3x08 - Invasion! | Recap & Review

Download The Flash 3x08 - Invasion! | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #275 - The Flash 3x08 - Invasion! | Recap & Review
The Dominators arrive and The Flash is pretty spooked.  He runs over to Star City to recruit Oliver and company, then hurriedly engages the services of the Legends of Tomorrow.  He and Cisco also pop over to Earth 38 to enlist Supergirl.  Team assembled, he explains that aliens are both real and pretty vicious.  The team commences training with their very own alien until Cisco finds Barry’s message from the future.  Barry confesses that he created a new timeline and wreaked a whole lot of havoc on everyone’s lives, which causes some team unrest.  The team has a lead on where to find the abducted president but opts to leave Barry behind.  Oliver sides with Barry and stays behind as well.  The team is quickly defeated by some alien mind-control mojo.  They immediately begin to terrorize the city.  Oliver and Barry try to control the situation but it’s a lot against a little until Wally goes rogue and shows up to incapacitate a few metas.  Wally goes down pretty fast but it’s enough time for Oliver to distract everyone while Barry tricks Supergirl into destroying the object that is controlling their minds. In the aftermath of the battle all of the non-meta heroes are abducted.  Wally wants to keep hero-ing but Iris, Joe, and Barry are dead against it.  However, HR agrees to help the young speedster level up. 

Supergirl 2x08 - Medusa | Recap & Review

Download Supergirl 2x08 - Medusa | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #274 - Supergirl 2x08 - Medusa | Recap & Review Thanksgiving at Kara’s house gets off to a rocky start as James and Wynn want to confess their vigilante lifestyle but Alex has confessional plans of her own. Everyone’s plans are thwarted though by space/time rupturing above the dinner table. Mon-El has a hard time at the alien dive bar as he gets his ass kicked by Cyborg Superman and is sickened by a virus made to kill aliens wholesale. Kara discovers, to her great disappointment, that this biological weapon was designed by none other than her father. Eliza Danvers uncovers the workings of the aerosolized virus and points out an isotope needed for its dispersal. Supergirl and the gang show up just in time to stop Hank Henshaw from getting his robotic hands on it, but Maggie takes a hit, which gives her and Alex a chance to bond over some minor surgery. Kara confronts Lena about her mother and gets the cold shoulder. Lena then offers to help her mother and her dastardly, alien-erasing scheme. Her mother accepts Lena’s help, but later regrets it as Lena has reversed the effect of the isotope and rendered Mom’s giant weapon useless. Eliza uses the xenovirus to find a cure for both Mon-El and the nearly-White-Martianed J’onn. She also finds time to let Alex know that she’s okay with her being way into Maggie. Which is good timing all around because Maggie’s near death experience has shown her that she’d rather take her chances with Alex after all. Some faceless people are after Mon-El but- wait, Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon cross universes to ask Supergirl for help.

Lucifer 2x10 - Quid Pro Ho | Recap & Review

Download Lucifer 2x10 - Quid Pro Ho | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #273 - Lucifer 2x10 - Quid Pro Ho | Recap & Review Perry Smith, the man who killed Chloe’s father, is officially on trial. Lucifer discovers this when he shows up to apologize for standing her up. However, he quickly realizes the self-centeredness of his actions and joins Team Decker in court. He also quickly realizes that his Mom is in charge of Perry’s defense. This is part of her new plan to destroy Chloe in Lucifer’s eyes, since Amenadiel has convinced her that just blowing her up would be counterproductive. It even seems that Mom will have a quick day in court after the head of the prosecution’s key witness arrives in a box on Dan’s desk. Lucifer testifies on behalf of said witness to link Perry to the killing but Mom turns everything around on him, making it seem plausible that Chloe herself is implicated in one of Perry’s crimes. Vowing to avenge his misstep, Lucifer sets out with Dan and Maze to find the witness’ killer. They track everyone down but only find more dead bodies, which are no good on a witness stand. Chloe is forced to take the witness stand and Mom tries to make her betray Lucifer’s trust by calling him a liar. She refuses, offering tearful recognition of how much she depends on him instead. This doesn’t actually help the case at all so the warden walks home a free man. But not for long, because Dan and Maze use the Russians to have him kidnapped and presumably executed. Lucifer finally makes good on his promise to feed Chloe, but Amenadiel meets Chloe’s mom and remembers that time he blessed a couple and they spawned a miracle child. Amenadiel recounts the encounter to his Mom, who promises that Chloe is their ticket home.

Gotham 3x11 - Mad City: Beware The Green-Eyed Monster | Recap & Review

Download Gotham 3x11 - Mad City: Beware The Green-Eyed Monster | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #272 - Gotham 3x11 - Mad City: Beware The Green-Eyed Monster | Recap & Review
Mario Falcone breaks into the facility working on a cure for the Tetch virus, crushes a lab tech’s head, and steals enough info to fake his blood test and make him look uninfected. Later, he beats the crap out of Gordon, but leaves him alive. Following a handy clue, Jim sets out to Arkham where he throws down some rhymes with Jervis and discovers Mario is going to kill Lee.  Jim has Mario tested for the virus but the tests come back negative. Desperate to save Lee, Jim rushes to confront her on her wedding day. He quickly realizes that Mario’s plan was to make him look like a jealous ex. Not appreciating the last-minute confessional, Lee throws him out and Falcone’s men put a beat down him. The wedding proceeds as planned and the newlyweds head out of town.  Gordon, undeterred, demands Carmine Falcone tell him where they are, promising to do no harm to Mario.  Carmine accepts the terms, but when Jim shows up Mario’s jealousy has gotten the best of him and Jim is forced to put him down. Meanwhile, Bruce and Alfred want to proceed with the plan to loot the Court of Owls’ vault.  When the Whisper Gang seemingly stands them up Selina reluctantly decides to help but doesn’t like the setup because she feels like someone is watching them. The heist proceeds anyway and they manage to steal a giant crystal owl before the Court’s assassin shows up to do some killing.  Everyone pitches in but they are nearly overwhelmed before Selina’s mom steps in.  Barbara is busy starting a war as she discloses Penguin’s true feelings and motives to Ed.  He investigates briefly and discovers that, yes, Oswald killed Isabella. In retaliation, Nygma vows to help Barbara take Penguin’s place in the underworld if she first helps him destroy Penguin completely.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Heroes Vs. Aliens Is Here! | DCTV News

DC on SCREEN #271 Heroes Vs. Aliens Is Here! | DCTV News
Download Heroes Vs. Aliens Is Here! | DCTV News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #271 - Heroes Vs. Aliens Is Here! | DCTV News
Gotham Joker Tease |
James Remar Cast As Recurring Character in Gotham |
Invasion Extended Trailer |
Win An Ultra Rare Invasion Shirt |
Legends of Tomorrow Invasion Found Footage |
We Will See The Dominators on Supergirl After the Crossover |
Invasion Crossover Won’t Have Huge Impact on Supergirl |
Kreisberg Explains Why Supergirl’s Episode isn’t Part of Invasion! |
Something Bigger Than Flashpoint Coming |
Robbie Amell on Coming Back to Flash |
The Killer Frost Cold Kiss |
Ollie Gets to Say Goodbye |
Stephen Amell Shocked by Arrow Midseason Finale |
Stephen Amell Says His Biggest Regret isn't Felicity |
Stephen Amell Disappoints Olicity Fans |
Echo Kellum Talks Character Journey Through to Midseason Finale |
Kevin Smith Wants to Direct Everything |
Why Rip Hunter is Gone from Legends |
How Rip Hunter May Return |
Marc Guggenheim’s Pick For Who Gets A Spin-Off |
Justice League Action Release Date |
New Justice League Action Trailer |
Justice League Dark Release Date |
Teen Titans Go Easter Eggs |
Swamp Thing Was Considered for a Solo Animated Movie |
What is Constantine Up to?
Kevin Smith on Superman Lives Being Turned Into Animated Film? |
Listener Chris White Reviews Batman: The Telltale Series Episodes 3 & 4 |

Deleted Joker Scenes That Didn't Fit Into 'Suicide Squad' | DCEU News

DC on SCREEN #270 Deleted Joker Scenes That Didn't Fit Into 'Suicide Squad' | DCEU News
Download Deleted Joker Scenes That Didn't Fit Into 'Suicide Squad' | DCEU News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #270 - Deleted Joker Scenes That Didn't Fit Into 'Suicide Squad' | DCEU News
Marion Cotillard Discusses Her Awkward Death Scene in The Dark Knight Rises |
What the hell is John Cleese Up To? |
Joker’s Teeth Changed Throughout Suicide Squad |
Deleted Joker Scenes Not on Extended Cut |
More Batman Easter Eggs in Suicide Squad |
A New Pic Featuring Harley & The Eyes of the Adversary |
New Wonder Woman Set Pic
Zack Snyder Releases Justice League Shots |
Kevin Smith on Whether He Would Direct The Flash |

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