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Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Flash 3x09 - The Present | Recap & Review

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #280 - The Flash 3x09 - The Present | Recap & Review -  Iris finds out that Julian was a would-be Indiana Jones hunting for the Philosopher’s Stone. Julian admits to it but claims to have never found the stone. He does reveal to the team that Savitar was the first Speedster, prompting Barry to go to Earth 3 in search of Jay Garrick. They come back just in time to help them stop Savitar and Dr Alchemy from turning all the Flashpoint retreads back into metas. They capture Alchemy and discover that he’s actually Julian, which is a surprise to Julian, who has no idea he’s evil when he blacks out. To gain his trust Barry reveals his Flashiness. Then the team gets to work strapping Julian to a chair so they can talk to Alchemy, who says some seriously spooky shit about destiny and revenge. They decide it would be best to destroy the Stone, which is somehow a containment vessel for Savitar, but find it’s impossible. Plan B is to just hurl that thing deep into the Speed Force, which Barry and Jay manage, but Barry gets tossed 5 months into the future and sees Savitar impale Iris. Jay assures him that this is just a possible future and there’s no need to get too worked up about it. Meanwhile, the holidays are hard on Cisco, who has been dealing with visions of Dante. But Caitlin, a veteran of losing loved ones, talks him through some dark times. Also, Wally tells Joe that HR has been training him. Joe is super pissed until HR warns Joe that Wally will only get farther from him as long as he denies the kid his true potential.  Finally, the whole gang, even Cecile and Julian, show up to just enjoy some egg nog and some good ol Holiday Cheer.  With Cecile out of the room they finally give Kid Flash his new costume and Joe accepts that his destiny is that of a heroing Speedster. Barry moves pretty fast in a different way as he has signed a lease on his and Iris’ new apartment. 

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