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Friday, February 16, 2024

There ARE Stupid Questions | News

Adam West Batman, Nathan Fillion, Dave Bautista, Zatanna, Captain Atom | Text: DC on SCREEN #715, There ARE Stupid Questions


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We have confirmation of when Creature Commandos is airing, news on some of the cast members that are coming back for Peacemaker season 2, plus Gunn basically gives a list of lesser-known characters he likes... Oh, and could DC and Marvel finally be teaming up for a cinematic crossover? Or at least laying groundwork? It's a mystery smothered in secret sauce and wrapped in a spandex suit! I can see it’s elongated clitoris.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Milly Alcock is Officially Supergirl!


Milly Alcock with a Supergirl symbol

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We officially have a new Supergirl, surprising news about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and why Batman can’t be in Superman Legacy! Also we rank live action Supergirls, update on the Elseworlds Black Superman film, and a whole lot more...

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