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Friday, February 16, 2024

There ARE Stupid Questions | News

Adam West Batman, Nathan Fillion, Dave Bautista, Zatanna, Captain Atom | Text: DC on SCREEN #715, There ARE Stupid Questions


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We have confirmation of when Creature Commandos is airing, news on some of the cast members that are coming back for Peacemaker season 2, plus Gunn basically gives a list of lesser-known characters he likes... Oh, and could DC and Marvel finally be teaming up for a cinematic crossover? Or at least laying groundwork? It's a mystery smothered in secret sauce and wrapped in a spandex suit! I can see it’s elongated clitoris.

  • DC's Creature Commandos Release Window Confirmed
  • Nathan Fillion Says Table Read in Atlanta Happening
  • James Gunn Confirms He Has Finished Writing Peacemaker Season 2
  • Peacemaker: James Gunn Teases Season 2's Opening Credits Dance
  • Charissa Barton Returning as Choreographer
  • Cast Returns Confirmed
  • Continued Questions Regarding the Peacemaker 2 Timeline Shift
  • James Gunn Asks DC Fans What Dave Bautista's DCU Role Should Be
  • Gunn’s Take on True Canon
  • At Least One Untrue Rumor
  • Does Disney Own Batman For Television
  • Will Gunn Be Writing/Directing More?
  • Will Gunn Be Adding His Own Lore?
  • Are Newcomers Given Required Reading?
  • Characters James Gunn Likes
  • Questions About Directors and Casting
  • What is the Character Selection Process?
  • DC and Marvel Crossovers and Amalgam Universe to Be Reprinted -- Is This Preparation for a DC/Marvel Cinematic Plan?
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