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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Profit and Joss

Joss Whedon with piles of money, a casting couch, and a burning waste basket labeled "POC"


Listen to "Profit and Joss" on Spreaker.

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Why not take a break from worrying about which jackass will be running the country, and listen to us talk about what jackass got a person of color fired to somehow prove he’s not a racist!

Also, news on Zack Snyder’s Justice League, The Suicide Squad, The Batman, and when some of the DCCW shows can be expected to drop!

HBO Max Movember Amusement! |

Justice League: The Joss Whedon Racism Scandal |

*Sheraz Farooqi Forbes Article 

*The Hollywood Reporter Article Exposing Forbes 

*Justice League: Joss Whedon's Racism Accusation Fallout Explained  

Almost All of Ray Fisher’s Scenes in Justice League Theatrical Were Reshoots |

Why Zack Snyder's Justice League Trailer Was Removed |

David Ayer Says Warner Bros. Cut First 40 Minutes of Suicide Squad |

David Ayer Cut Coming to HBO Max |

Jason Kilar Supposedly Hints at Ben Affleck Batman |

The Suicide Squad Plot Includes Secret Nazi Experiments |

John Ostrander is in Suicide Squad |

John Cena's Peacemaker: The Suicide Squad Spinoff Series Adds King Shark Actor Steve Agee |

The Batman to Continue Filming Despite Latest UK Coronavirus Lockdown |

The CW Premiere Dates For Batwoman, The Flash Revealed |

What DC Characters Will Neil Gaiman Have Access to in Sandman? |

Green Lantern Setting Rumors |

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