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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Wash Your Damn Kids! (Patreon Exclusive)


Dave and Christopher White discuss:

*Michael Keaton in The Flash

*The Blues Brothers

*The canon of the multiverse

*Tim Burton's Superman Lives

*Fan entitlement

*Dave's toy collection

*Joel Schumacher's Death

*Falling Down

*How High Fidelity the Series stacks up against The novel and the movie

*Sense memories and the strange shit we do because of them

*The Suite Life, Riverdale

*Gilmore Girls

*South Park, Sally Struthers

*Lucifer Season 6

*The Travesty of Santa Clarita Diet's Cancellation

*Why Dave doesn't want a Firefly sequel

*Why Dave wouldn't mind a Back to the Future reboot

*Anticipation for our Batman '89 review

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