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Monday, June 22, 2020

A Prelude to 600 (Warm Up) (Patreon Exclusive)

DC on SCREEN Prelude to 600 patreon Exclusive

Before starting our 600th episode, we had quite the fun little conversation with Scott of DC Films Squadcast, Effie Ophelders of Stealing the Remote and Chris Balga of World's Finest True Believers! Among the topics of conversation:

- Editing practices of fine podcasts

- Weezer is NOT the Beatles

- Legends of Tomorrow: Accepting the insanity

- Keeping up with the post-Crisis Arrowverse

- What nearly broke DC on SCREEN.

- DC Universe needs to go international already

- The walkie-talkies that invaded the house in E.T.

- Scott's intimidating Goodreads notifications

- Doomsday Clock and the tin-foil hat theory surrounding the delays

- The fall of Brian Michael Bendis

- A Snyderverse for every medium

- Seduction of the Innocent

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