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Monday, June 29, 2015

Batman: The Animated Series | DCAU Review Part 1

Batman standing on top of a Gotham building as lightning strikes behind him. | Text: DC on SCREEN Episode 007 DCAU - 'Batman The Animated Series' | DCAU REVIEW

Listen to "DCAU Review Part 1 - 'Batman: The Animated Series'" on Spreaker.

In this episode:

Come with us on a magical adventure through time as we heap praise on the high bar of screened DC property achievements, Batman: The Animated Series! These cartoons ain't just for kids! As always, BEWARE SPOILERS!

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DC on SCREEN is a free podcast that discusses the DC Comics Multiverse on film and television, gives honest opinions about past and future projects, and believes that every version of a property is valid (even if we don’t want it to be). If it’s been released it is fair game so beware of spoilers!

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