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Monday, September 21, 2015

The 'Batman' - 'Doctor Who' Crossover You've Been Waiting For

Download The 'Batman' - 'Doctor Who' Crossover You've Been Waiting For

 In this news episode, we discuss:
*LEGO Dimensions
*Blue Beetle/Booster Gold Film Rumor
 *'Man of Steel 2' Rumors Regarding Supergirl, Brainiac, and Bizarro
 *Is George Miller Having to Choose Between Man of Steel 2 and Justice League Dark?
 *Matt Damon Claims Jason Bourne Can Beat Ben Affleck's Batman
*Gal Gadot Almost Played Faora in 'Man of Steel'
*Bill Finger Finally Gets the Justice He Deserves
 *'Wonder Woman' Begins Filming in November
 *Sean Bean and Eva Green Rumored for Ares and Circe in 'Wonder Woman'
 *Diane Nelson Explains Why We Won't Have a Shared Universe
*Robin Lord Taylor Want Paul Reubens to Play Penguin's Father in 'Gotham'
*'Gotham' Season 2 More Serialized
*'Gotham' Promos
 *'Gotham' Premiere Has Been Released
*'Gotham' Rumors Two Main Characters Will Die
*'The Flash' Three Weeks Trailer
*New 'The Flash' Poster
 *Andrew Kriesberg Word Association Test
 *How Will Wally West Be Introduced in 'The Flash'
 *Colton Haynes' Confirms a Return to 'Arrow'
*Stephen Amell Claims There Will Be No Lighter Tone in 'Arrow'
 *Jay Jackson to Be the Other Part of Firestorm in 'Legends of Tomorrow'
 *Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 3 Magical Friendship

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