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Monday, January 18, 2016

Oracle on 'Arrow' and 'Gotham' Getting a Spin-Off?

Download Oracle on 'Arrow' and 'Gotham' Getting a Spin-Off?

WARNING: SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #088 Oracle on 'Arrow' and 'Gotham' Getting a Spin-Off? |  In this news episode, Dave and Jason discuss: 'Batman v Superman' Original Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL Track Listing Gives Spoilers! |
 'Batman v Superman' TV Spots Are Everywhere! |
New Promos for the CW Specials 'Dawn of the Justice League' |
Jesse Eisenberg Signing Comics at Midtown Comics |
'Batman v Superman' Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots |
 Funko's Amazing DC Comics Legion of Collectors Box! |
David Ayer Talks Batman on Suicide Squad and Marvel |
Ben Affleck Talks Suicide Squad |
Chris Pine Talks Green Lantern and Wonder Woman |
Connie Nielson Confirmed for Wonder Woman's Mother |
 Amber Heard Rumored to be Mera in Aquaman |
Happy 50th Anniversary William Dozier's Batman! |
DC Collectibles’ New Deluxe 6″-Scale BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Batmobile Revealed | Teen Titans Dead At TNT |
 Gotham's Ben McKenzie Talks His Mustache, Barbara, Jerome's Return, and Where Batgirl Might Be Coming From |
Fox Open to Gotham Spin-Off |
 Berlanti Says We Will Get Hints of Legion of Superheroes On One of His Shows |
Jonah Hex is Coming to 'Legends of Tomorrow' |
Jewel Staite and Ali Liebert to be on 'Legends of Tomorrow'! |
'Arrow' EP Addresses Oracle Rumors and the Game Changing 15th Episode of Season 4 |
"Vixen' Renewed for Season 2! |
 'The Flash - Who Will Reverse Flash Be? |
Evil Barry to be Zoom? |
New Pictures of Deathstorm and Killer Frost! |
Kevin Smith to Direct The Flash |
Aaron Douglas Cast as The Turtle on The Flash |
Will There Ever Be A Crossover with Supergirl? |
New Supergirl Promos | Laura Vandervort to Appear on Supergirl as Indigo |
And more!

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