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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Batman v Superman Smear Campaign Conspiracies | News

Download Batman v Superman Smear Campaign Conspiracies | News

WARNING: SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #122 - Batman v Superman Smear Campaign Conspiracies | News - Conspiracies, grave guesses and set pics on Arrow, Kreisberg on Zoom and so much more!
This week:
R-Rated Batman v Superman Director's Cut Coming to Blu Ray |
Batman/Superman High End Statues Coming |
 Batman v Superman Track "Is She With You" Released |
Ben Affleck Rewrote Script Wearing Bat Suit |
$100 Steel Ticket For Sale |
Doomsday Actor Revealed! |
Doritos Presents Prequel Comic! |
New Jimmy Kimmel Batman v Superman Spot |
Is There A Smear Campaign Conspiracy Against Batman v Superman? |
George Miller May Be Producing Justice League |
Powerless Casts Danny Pudi and Alan Tudyk! |
Adam West Ranks Batmen on Big Bang Theory |
Stephen Amell Wants to Be on Supergirl |
 Arrow Casts Madison McLaughlin in Mystery Role |
Alex Kingston Returning to Arrow! | Arrow Funeral and Wedding Set Pics |
Joseph David Jones Discusses Connor Hawk Return |
Network President Wants Vixen Spin-Off |
 Andrew Kreisberg Talks Zoom Identity |
The Man in the Iron Mask Discussed |
Grant Gustin Talks Zoom Identity Reaction |
Superman's Birthday |
Listener Feedback! -- A Listener Calls Us Out On Missing a Vital Piece of 'Constantine' - 1x14 - Final Girl! |


  1. To tell you the truth, I read the script because I missed the show. And the Archie stuff hit me like an anvil. Pulled me out of the story, actually. It was like Peter David's "Imzadi". He named the alien villains after items on the Passover seder plate. Every Jew who was familiar with that got yanked out of the story by it.

    So I Googled -- like you guys did -- to see if there were other comments about it. Which is how I found your podcast. I listened to it to see if there was any mention of the Riverdale stuff, and was just kind of surprised you hadn't.

    I haven't read an Archie comic for forever, btw. I guess I'm just weird. :)

    PS: There's also the Smallville Season 11 comics.

    1. Hah! I have something like three copies of Peter David's Imzadi! I'm a Peter David fan (usually), so I have quite a few of his books--and I love Star Trek--but I remember the writer Susan Shwartz told me once that she felt Peter David could be a truly great writer, but he was so prolific he had become somewhat sloppy in areas. I guess that's an example of what she was talking about.

      I really wish we'd caught that Archie reference though. As for Smallville Season 11 and so on, I'd really love to get to those one day. I rather enjoyed Smallville.

      Thanks for listening to the podcast! As I'm sure you could tell, we missed Constantine too! Did you watch the Arrow crossover episode this season?

      -David C. Roberson,
      DC on SCREEN Podcast

    2. Sure did. And did you catch the reference to him in the ep with Vixen? "He's in Hell. No, literally. In Hell."

    3. Have you read Imzadi II? I saw it in a bookstore the other day, but I didn't know if it was any good.

    4. Yes ma'am we caught it! And spoke about it at length! It was our feeling that this was their way of giving us a peak at the season finale we never got to see.

      As for Imzadi II, I think I bought it, but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I... sigh, I do that.

      -Dave, DC on SCREEN


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