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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Possible 'Wonder Woman' Trouble, 'Suicide Squad' Domination & DCTV News Galore!

Download 'Suicide Squad' Faces Critics As Mistah J Faces The Cutting Room Floor | News)

SPOILERS/NSFW: DC on SCREEN #202 - Possible 'Wonder Woman' Trouble, 'Suicide Squad' Domination & DCTV News Galore! - In this news episode we discuss:
Batman: Arkham VR Trailer Released |
Suicide Squad Dominated at Box Office |
Suicide Squad Not Released in China |
Suicide Squad behind-The Scenes Drama |
Joel Kinnaman Talks Negative Reviews for Suicide Squad |
Why Slipknot’s backstory Was Cut |
Jared Leto Sexually harassed Woman on Set |
Jai Courtney Ran Around Naked on Set |
Ayer Explains Joker’s Damaged tat and Grill |
Leto Wants Joker to Mess With Superman |
Ezra Miller Discusses How Justice League Cast Deal with Squad Haters |
Suicide Squad Soundtrack at # 1 |
Harley Quinn Solo Movie |
Gal Gadot Asks Instagram Followers to Name The Justice League Band |
The Flash Filming in London Early Next year |
Black Manta Reportedly Main Aquaman Villain |
Michael Jai White and Michael K. Williams (the Wire) Want to Play Black Manta |
Shazam Producer Speaks |
Producers Defend Zack Snyder and Justice League Vision |
Open Letter to Warner Bros Calls Wonder Woman A Mess |
Zero about the movie we are making has been called a mess by anyone in the know. Fact.
Ezra Miller Hints at Gustin Crossover |
Henry Cavill Posts Picture of Black Design |
Will Arnett vs Jared Leto |
Kevin Conroy Doesn’t Like Batman Killing |
David Mazouz Wants Superboy on Gotham |
Alfred Gets a Love Interest |
The Cult of Jerome |
Poison Ivy Not Sexual |
First Look At benedict Samuel as Mad hatter |
Gotham May Have Already Shown Us Harley? |
Michael Imperiolo Cast as Lucifer’s Brother |
Kevin Smith Reveals Name of His Supergirl Episode |
Jenna Dewan Back? |
Kreisberg Talks Their Superman |
Legion Coming to Supergirl? |
Musical Episode Directed by Joss Whedon? |
Maze backstory in Lucifer Season 2? |
Sharon Leal to Play Miss Martian on Supergirl |
Calista Flockhart’s Cat is Kinda Gone from Supergirl |
Grey Damon Cast as Mirror Master |
Savitar Coming to Flash |
A Character is Coming Out |
Batman and Batgirl Aren't Coming to CW |
Oliver will get political in the new season of Arrow |
Game of Thrones Fight Sequences on Arrow |
Felicity in Season 5 |
Tommy Merlyn Coming Back to Arrow |
Dolph Lundren Cast on Arrow |
Greg Berlanti Says No to more Constantine on Arrow |
Phil Klemmer Says Maybe Constantine on Legends |
Legends Getting 13-Episode Order |
Cast Lance Kendricksen as Obsidian |
First Vixen Image Revealed |
Freedom Fighters: The Ray |

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